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    Trust me tap dancer, we won't be breaking the record anytime soon, 50.7c at Oodnadatta in 1960, which will be broken at some point, but Australia is 1% of the Earth and totally irrelevant, the drought has meant it was always going to be warmer than normal.

    The big ones are the minimum temps, Melbournes record is 30.8c in March 1908, that will also take some beating. But the big one is the longest heatwave, marble Bar went 123 days in a row above 35 degrees, a record that has not even come close to being beaten in the last 95 years.


    And yet, we are expected to believe that this was the temperature in 1923. And specially cold in the NW WA region.

    It's just nonsense, and the sceptic voice grows louder by the day, people realise they are being fooled.

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