2015 budget thoughts

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    With the government in need to supply a new budget this year, I wonder if my fellow HC crew would like to contribute to any thoughts the treasurer may consider........

    some of mine..... and I stress IMO

    As the rest of the world would know by now, we have a slight fiscal problem that needs addressing.... so

    1) All foreign aid to be cut by 50% across all nations.
    2) The purchase of fighter jets (that cannot yet fire a shot) is to be cancelled
    3) The controversial submarine contract will be allocated only to a body that will build in Australia, using Australian labour and the majority of Australian made items.
    4) GST will be inclusive of all products.
    5) GST to be lifted by 5%, with the additional revenue to be allocated to federal funds
    6) All pensions to be means tested using ALL assets, including the family home.
    7) abolish negative gearing
    8) all welfare recipients to be re-tested and heavily scrutinised
    9) religious entities to be taxed
    10) Centrelink staffing to be significantly increased to continually check recipients
    11) Companies using overseas tax haven means to be investigated and all profits in Australia to be taxed
    12) CGT to be reviewed

    I am sure fellow posters will both agree and reject some of these thoughts..... but, I say again IMO only, and welcome any thoughts...... AND, please, don't turn this into left versus right
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