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2014 newsletter

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    Hi All

    Last year the Newsletter came out on 17th February so I guess that following the Sept newsletter put out on 1st October we shouldn't be too far away from the next one.
    So looking back 12 months to what was said and what achieved...

    The stated objectives (to quote) in 2014 is to complete the divestment of ArTiMist and also to secure a collaboration on at least one of our mainstream oro-muscosal products by the end of CY 2014.
    We are now well positioned to manage the partnering process and to execute transactions that realize the value of our Assets and maximise returns for our shareholders. It should be an exciting 2014.

    Well how did 2014 go? If exciting meant a gripping white knuckle ride wth a palpatating heart beat it was very successful. As far as maximising returns definitely not and as far as realizing our assets, again I don't think so.
    But does this mean that 2014 as a completefailure or just a resetting of the Calendar?

    Sale of ArTiMist. Didn't happen for several reasons but mainly due to Ebola getting in the way and the need for some regulatory approvals. Is it a dead duck? Definitely not...if what we have been told one offer is on the back burner and a top ten phaarma is undertaking DD. Meetings in Europe in the firstt quarter and still hundreds of thusands of children waiting to be saved each year. Also appears that by WHOS own statements ArTiMist is OK for children in a prereferral treatment. So all looks good for later in this year but a school repoort would say could do better only 6 out of 10.

    SUD 003. Well not quite 2014 but early 2015 and reached the target of collaboration witth Amherst paying for the development and in return some rights for Zolpimist. No dollars attached but certainly a 7 out of 10. More detail required.

    Maximising returns and realising our assets. Can only score at thee best 3 out of 10 only due to the fact that the foundattions are more solid than this time last year but we need to come out of the ground quickly.
    The future? Apart fro the suite of 300 formulations to work I am excited about the potential of the quick fix vitamin spray...all those gym junkies and health fanatics can get their quick fix on the train, bus etc...without the need to swallow.

    Viagra. The most exciting prospect of them all...the prospect of a deal to extend its life to 2031 and royalties all the way is too much to hope for.

    Overall on performance only a 6 out of 10 but for laying foundations and a roset future currently my reckoning is a 7.5 out of 10.

    Looking forward to the newsletter soon.

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