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2010 - year of the leopard

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    It may be known to most as the year of the tiger, but to a select few 2010 could well turn out to be the year of the Leopard.

    The GFC has certainly thrown up some unique opportunities and I consider myself lucky enough to have spent some time in 2009 researching and investing in Nkwe. As a new year draws upon us I thought it may be apt to re-visit a few of the posts from 2009 that have stuck with me personally.

    blueballs (post 1, post 2)
    stagman (post 1, post 2, post 3)
    moneychaser (post 1, post 2)
    brenden (post 1, post 2, post 3)
    ralph712 (post 1)
    stevenjd (post 1, post 2)
    macleod22 (post 1, post 2)
    champ2003 (post 1)
    drilldeeper (post 1)

    As can be seen the theme that cuts across most of these posts is that Nkwe is still seriously undervalued which ever way you look at it. With their house well and truely in order after a difficult 2009, 2010 should bring the rewards that this company has been working hard towards.

    Good luck to one and all in your investing in 2010. Thanks to everybody for the quality research and analysis on the NKP threads. I'm looking forward to the analysis, discussions and share price movements in the year ahead.

    p.s - please note the list of posts provided is a personal selection and does not include many other quality posts and posters that have posted during the course of 2009.
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