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2010 big year for solar in nsw

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    I posted the below on Greene forum, thought it is also relevent to Silex solar division.

    It is a pity not many decent solar companies are on the ASX.

    2010, for solar in NSW should be huge for solar.

    Why NSW? Why not the rest of the states.

    Most states in Australia have a FIT, however most have only a "Net" feed in tarrif. NSW has a Gross feed in Tarrif.

    Below is a summary of the different FIT in Australia\
    State Status of Feed In Tariff Max Size Rate Contract Gross/Net

    ACT Commenced March 1st., 2009 to 10 kW
    10-30 kW 50.05c 40.04c 20 yrs. Gross

    NSW Commences January 1st., 2010 10 kW 60c. 7 yrs Gross

    Qld. Being introduced mid-2008 10 kW 44c. 2028 Net

    SA Introduced and operating. 10 kW 44c. 2028 Net

    Tas. "Government will consider report" ? 20c. ? Net

    Vic. Commencing November 1st., 2009 5 kW 60c. 15 yrs. Net

    WA Govt. has reneged on promise of Gross FIT, will introduce Net FIT ? ? ? Net

    Northern Territory Feed-In Tariff:
    There is no Northern Territory-wide feed-in tariff, but through the Alice Solar City project Alice Springs residents can access a gross feed-in tariff of 45c/kWh for 2kW max system (capped at $1825 per annum). More info at

    Now what is the difference between a Gross Vs Net?

    With a net feed in Tarrif, the utility company will only pay you the excess power you produce. Not for teh power that you consume. For example Over 3 months your usage was only 1000KW and you generated 1100KW. The utility company will credit your electricity bill by 100KW * the FIT rate.

    Where if it was a gross FIT your Utility provider will Credit your account by 1100KW * the FIT rate.

    As you can see it is very favourable to have solar in NSW.

    Also I would like to make a note that to even get close to generating more solar power then what you would use. You would need to install a 5KW system, which will cost around or above $30,000.

    But if your in NSW, it might be a good investment. Not only would you get a zero Utility bill but you will get a nice income it should pay for itself within the 7years.

    It has been said that the 1.5W system pays its self off within 4 years, but not sure about the 5KW.

    Now lets get back to why Solar will be huge in NSW.
    1. We know about the Gross Feedin Tarrif. Which is a huge deal on its own.
    2. For the 1.5KW you install you get the REC Multiplier. At the current REC price. YOu will save over $4,000.
    3. Green loans 4 years Intreast Free for up to $10,000.

    I belive the 3 items above will cause the perfect storm.

    The FIT is quite competitive Vs the world market.

    NSW Feed-in Tariff in /kWh is 0.37.

    The below consumption by the other countries was for 2008. In 2008 the prices for solar panels was double from where it is today.

    Australia's makert Market in 2007 was around 20MW in 2008 around 60MW, thanks to the $8,000 rebate. As you can see Australia as a whole is very small Vs other countries. Now even with all the above incentives for NSW will not get us close to the big solar countires because our offers are capped at 10KW. In Germany farmers will use the land for solar panels instead of crops and food becuase thier FIT was uncapped.

    However I reckon in NSW alone we will smash 100MW in 2010.

    I for 1 will distribute solar panels to installers.

    Get ready for 3-4 bg years forSOlar in NSW

    Market Size 2008: 1.5 GW
    Feed-in Tariff: 0.35-0.51 /kWh

    Market size 2008: 2.5 GW
    Feed-in Tariff: Rooftop <20 kW: 0.34/kWh; Rooftop >20kW: 0.32/kWh; Ground Mounted: 0.32/kWh

    Market size 2008: 342 MW
    Investment Tax-Credit (ITC): 30percent investment tax credit for both residential and commercial PV for 8 years

    Market size 2008: 260 MW
    Feed-in Tariff: /kWh 0.36-0.49

    Market size 2008: 46 MW
    Feed-in Tariff: 0.30-0.60/kWh

    Market Size: 274 MW installed
    Feed-in Tariff: 0.270.38 for 20 years

    Market Size: 40 MW
    Feed-in Tariff: 0.21/kWh for 10 years

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