2000 hit the dole q

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    Chris Bowen will let 2000 boat people into the community.
    They will not be allowed to work.What sort of social and economic problems is this going to create?

    The welfare agencies church groups and police already have enough to look after.2000 all males I would suspect will be trotting off to Centrelink,filling in their particulars.The cost to the taxpayer- If its anything like the dole payment.Say $13,000 per individual per year,thats $26,000,000 for one year.But this could go on for 5 years.
    Thats $130,000,000.

    Just another burden on our society.And we have a lot of average Aussies on struggle street.Something has to give.
    This is a disgrace! What qualifications do these fools have to run this once great country? Was looking at a video just yesterday,put out by the government of what life was like living in Brisbane in 1964.It seemed as though life back then was almost perfect compared do the mess we have got now.
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