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$2 stock. Here we go!

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    It's been a long time coming but it looks like everything is in place for this to stock to sky rocket. I've been holding this stock for a long time, through the 2015 highs and the aching lows of it dropping below 20c.

    In the past the price went up on expectation and market hysteria. But these weren't a solid foundation for the stock price.

    And then we saw it drop as the company didn't perform to expectation, there were many road bumps and hurdles. And let's not forget the high spending and capital raising. Which was all reflected in the company reports that followed.

    Things weren't looking good for the company. But nothing comes easy in life. There is a natural law of sowing and reaping. For us to reap we must sow first.

    The team at Dubber has been sowing and now the plant is growing, soon it will be time to reap the rewards.

    AT&T is online and the revenue from it is reflected in the last quartely report.

    The number of active users is increasing as time goes on.

    Broadsoft is due to come online anytime now.

    I'm a strong believer in this technology and the company's potential. I think we will see significantly increased profits in the months ahead.

    And also let's look at the Telco sector in this country. Vocus, TPG and Telstra. These stocks have been hit hard and prices have dropped significantly. The Telco sector has been in a bear market the last few years. But it looks like we are nearing bottom now, the Telco sector is due to turn around any day now.

    Now that we have a banking royal commission, expect people to take money out of the banking sector and to invest it elsewhere, the Telco's will go into a bull market soon and once it does, money will also go into Dubber as it is also exposed to the Telco sector.

    And just today we see the stock price push past that 35c resitance level.

    Taking into all the above factors into account, i firmly believe we will see the stock price explode and it's only upwards from here. Stars have aligned, $2 stock here we go!
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