Originally posted by rabbitohA lot of the pollies can be excused...

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     "the real blame sits with our media and the constant ramming down our throats of non issues like climate change and coal is evil"

    Yeah, a years rain in a week is normal from Townsville to the NT border, the Daintree/Eungella on fire is normal (oldest rainforest on earth), 50 year old Murray Cod dying on mass is normal (having survived many droughts), Tasmania Gondwana forests and highland lakes burning for the first time in millienia, insects declining by ~40% in the last decade, starving multiple polar bears invading towns cause of sea ice melts. I'm sure humans have nothing to do with this???

    Yeah mate, in the last 25 years the release of 50% of CO2 from fossils laid down over millions of years has nothing to do with, neither the other 50% from the prior 200 years? And can you believe that some people are saying those that make $Billions out of fossil burning are trying to create doubt about science to keep the profits flowing?
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