Really ...a few levee banks to stop inundation of buildings is...

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    Really ...a few levee banks to stop inundation of buildings is one thing but a much larger version to hold tens of thousands of cattle is something altogether different. Not sure how big you think it could be but remember that in this case 10 to 20 inches of rain would have also fallen within the bunded area you espouse. Could you even begin to imagine the bogging that would occur ? then while you are thinking on that remember they need to be fed & watered , cows with calves slopping around in mud up to their bellies ..what a bloody mess. i have lived in the top end during 2 very big wet seasons & after a while the earth turns to porridge . I have tried to move tractors off paddocks only to see the earth ripple in front of me them break through . the machine stayed there for 3 months. I do not doubt your kind intentions but believe me the people who run those stations tare practical people & if that was the answer then they would have done it.That farmer who moated his entire farm is in fact what cotton growers do to flood protect themselves from river flows it cannot do anything about stopping the area inside the Moat from huge rain events .The stuff falls vertically and what happened up north has  never occurred on the Barwon. For the record livestock insurance is horrendously dear & is usually reserved for insuring a new bull for his first serving season only
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