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    Some have built "MOATS ".....of soil around their homesteads and sheds.
    You can see it in some of the pics of the floods. Drive over a low hill to get home 
    Plenty have done it in flood areas.
    Build a moat above flood level and the cows walk over it and stand inside.
    A farmer on the Barwon MOATED his entire farm ...it is now flood free.
    This may be a new thing to you but it has been done.
    Think positive.
    Better than letting them drown......and what is the result...are the herds insured 
    against this flood????.
    So a complete loss is what I am guessing.
    live in a flood area .....make plans or go bankrupt.
    A farmer and his wife were pulled up at a river in the Hunter Valley
    a couple of years ago .....road under water ...my mates turned back and did an extra 100 K's 
    ...they got home ....the farmer and his wife were fished out of the river next morning.
    He had been farming there for 40 years......some people NEVER learn.
    Live in a flood area make plans...or go bankrupt.....or die as these poor farmers did.
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