... non issues ... ... not to omitt LGBTQ's by the horde...

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    ... non issues ...

    ... not to omitt LGBTQ's by the horde clamouring for inclusion into pollie brigades
    so they could (and actually already have; witness Phelps implosion) re-engineer the Community.
    While the Basics needed by this Community are sidelined; the New Community Deal dictated by these
    Ocasio/Omar wannabees will leave as their legacy the bewildered young male tribes who were told to feel
    like women and no less bewildered young female tribes who are forced into emasculation of their Femininity.
    Of course, with journos like Clementine Ford, that task is made even easier.
    Australia has abandoned Reason, Common Sense and foremost; Logic.

    Let's hope this May will see a turn-around.

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