2%of the national cattle herd perish, page-2

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    "These cattle have been dragged through this bastard of a drought only to be killed by the rain that broke it. Can it get any more frustrating."

    Yep / Possibly,

    Watching all the drought breaking rains pissing away down the river, destroying houses and lives when a good portion of it could have been used to fill drought proofing dams that our sheet for brains Pollies Australia over cannot seem to ever build.

    I'm just waiting for the pissing, moaning and whining now in regards to the up and coming coral bleaching event on the way due to all the sediment run off that will now cover the reef.

    Cant win either way.

    This place has gone to the dogs,
    If you are looking for a full blown example of a dickhead look no further that an Australian pollie.
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