Children lets just rewrite history for the folk who may never...

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    Children lets just rewrite history for the folk who may never have lived outside a city boundary.
    Fires at Eungella rainforest,, well done and man made by dumb polices and stopped back burn offs,
    Yes I was not allowed to burn off because there are house within 200m, of where we want to burn. Now you tell the fire that will come next time and you point your little pinkie finger and you stand up and tell it straight that it's not allowed to burn because there is houses near by.. Oh we're a smart state alright.
    Tasmania fires crap! what about the big fires in 2013 or was too long ago , if that is the case don't mention all the deaths cause by the Tasmanian fires years ago 7th Feb 1967 "Black Tuesday". Bugger too long ago and people would have forgotten .
    1974 floods 1600 mm rain in four days, Gilbert River 40 miles wide, by the way that's in North Queensland.
    1990 Mackay 3000mm over 21 days. 2018 ranges west of Mackay 1200 mm in 8 hours. Droughts are always broken by a flood. Yes there will be more big forest fires and all man made or should I say Green made.
    Access is now closed of to the State Forests on what used to be forest tracks and doubled as fire breaks thanks to the green polices. The old saying is so true if only the uneducated would listen, "if you don't burn it nature will" and it's a fact. While ever God or who ever produces lighting then there will always be fires and if you haven't the brains to work out that if you reduce the fuel load then get the camera out Bob cause we're going to see some big fires in the future.
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