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    Lost bras face auction fate
    Wed Jul 30, 6:44 AM ET

    BLACKPOOL (AFP) - Pub chain Brannigans is planning to sell off the peculiar number of bras that its staff keeps finding on its premises.

    Brannigans said patrons have until Sunday to ring up a hotline to be reunited with their lost brassieres -- after which any unclaimed bras will be sold at auction, with proceeds going to charity.

    "We obviously don't want to keep them in the outlets," said Darren Lea, a Brannigans regional manager, in a company press statement Wednesday.

    "I think that whilst some of them will be quite hot property, a number may struggle to raise more than a couple of pounds."

    Some 124 bras have turned up in Brannigans' 15 bars across England since the start of the year, making the undergarments the third most found item after cigarette lighters and mobile phones.

    Garters ranked fifth on the list.
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