1917 brits used mustard gas..

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    In 1916 a secret agreement between U.K. and France was signed by the major capitalist colonialists on how to divide the Middle East and to share its control between them. This resulted in the Sykes Picot agreement, which drew national borders within the region thus creating many states and succeeding in dividing the Muslim Ummah.

    In the following year 1917 British forces invaded and occupied Baghdad making it a British mandate. This naturally resulted in the Muslims of Iraq to up-rise and fight against the British occupiers. The British responded with aerial bombardment, often using mustard gas against Muslims in order to dispel the uprising, the first time such a strategy had been used against civilians in history.

    This uprising against the occupying forces continued throughout the 1920's until Britain decided to change its strategy, a plan that was to be put into place right across the board. The idea was to install within Iraq a puppet regime; on the outset the regime looks loyal and fair for the people of Iraq, by allowing an Iraqi national to take power and rule. But the reality was that the regime was still under the authority of the kuffar (Britian) and was to take orders from them. Hence in 1921 Iraq was made into a kingdom with the hypocritical King Faisal I to become the head of state.

    In the same year (1921) the British colonial office drew a line across the Wilayah of Iraq to separate another entity that became known as Kuwait. Kuwait already had a heavy British influence dating back to the 19th century. The plan of the Kuffar was coming to light, having now succeeded in disuniting Iraq and instilling a government faithful to them.

    In 1924 the year when the final remnants of the Khilafah were dismantled at the hands of the kafir Jew Mustapha Kamal, the Iraqi assembly signed a treaty with Britain to provide maintenance for British military bases within Iraq and for the British to have the right of veto over legislation in Iraq. This showed the military presence of the kuffar within Muslim lands and the level of control over governmental affairs they had.
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