19 vote for him, 1 Million want him gone

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    Wow -- this guy would win a how to make enemies book sell like hot cakes

    he gets the job with -- 19 votes (yes, Nineteen - link at bottom) --

    now at least 1,000,000 want him GONE

    let democracy work - I say

    "The Queensland independent senator is now facing an unprecedented tide of public backlash that has taken the form of a Change.org petition, which has amassed more than one million signatures.
    That makes it by far the largest Australian online petition in history, eclipsing the Sydney Opera House horse racing advertising backlash last year, and its creator has a simple aim — to remove Mr Anning from parliament.
    “Senator Fraser Anning’s views have no place in the government of our democratic and multicultural country,” the petition reads.
    “Within the bounds of Australian law, we request that he be pushed to resign from his position as Senator, and if appropriate, be investigated by law enforcement agencies for supporting right wing terrorism.”


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