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19 killed in somalia bomb attack

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    Maybe they should stay in suspension a little while longer, until this blows over.


    At least 19 dead in Somalia attacks
    AdvertisementEmail Print Normal font Large font October 29, 2008 - 10:08PM

    Three suicide attacks have killed at least 19 people in Somaliland, a spokesman for the breakaway republic said.

    Ismail Adani said officials are still counting the bodies, so the death toll could rise.

    A wave of suicide attacks hit targets in northern Somalia, including a UN compound, the Ethiopian Consulate and the presidential palace in Somaliland's capital, Hargeisa.

    Suicide bombers also attacked two intelligence facilities in the northern Somali region of Puntland on Wednesday. An official says the two suicide bombers and a security official died in the attack.


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