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    Gday whityg.

    Goes quick doesnt it.Nice to know theres at least one more AVL holder on HC.That probably makes about 10 all up(that have posted anyway).Or should I say 9 after scarva jumped ship to the oil tanker!I figure ther'd at least be a few more that are probably too embarrased to admit to the fact.

    Cant say I'm not a little dissappointed about its performance this week.I'll actually be a little surprised if we dont see a bit of selling down after the last few days(just a guess at what might eventuate).I Could too but I wont.Its worth a damn site more than this.

    Bill Turner should be over in the DRC for start up by now.Hopefully theres no problems re production.But one never knows.Cutting it fine isnt he.

    Looking increasingly like there wont be a run come the production ann.Why doesnt that surprise me.Sellers are looking fairly entrenched sub 20cents.We've all got to make a profit I suppose.Oh well no matter.Market will still have to eventually re-rate come cash flow/profit.

    Looks like Bill might have to bust his buns promoting the stock,as he intended to anyway.As if he hasnt had enough to do already.

    Cheers domum.
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