16 years for killing wife with shoe

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    By Kylie Williams

    A SYDNEY man has been sentenced to 16 years jail for killing his Russian wife with a shoe.

    John Kiseljev, 66, pleaded guilty to murdering Nadejda Zassoukhina, 22, in their Mount Druitt home on November 29, 2002.
    He was sentenced today in the NSW Supreme Court to 16 years in jail with a non-parole period of 11 years.

    Justice John Dunford said the pair married on September 23, 2002, after Ms Zassoukhina suggested they tie the knot so she could obtain permanent residency because her student visa was about to expire.

    After the marriage the relationship deteriorated, with the pair occupying separate bedrooms, the court was told.

    "She did not come home every night and when she did, she argued with (Kiseljev) and kept him awake, accusing him of stealing her papers and other things," Justice Dunford said.

    "Ultimately he put a barrier, and subsequently a lock, on his own bedroom door and kept food, drink and a bucket for urinating at night in his room to avoid being confronted by her."

    On the night of the murder, Zassoukhina had yelled and kicked at Kiseljev's bedroom door for 40 minutes before he opened it and they started fighting.

    Justice Dunford said that during the fight Kiseljev hit Zassoukhina over the head a number of times with the shoe's heel before realising she was dead.

    The judge found there was a degree of provocation involved in the killing and Kiseljev had previously been of good character and was unlikely to reoffend.

    He said Kiseljev has a good relationship with his five children from his first marriage which ended when his first wife died in 1988.

    Kiseljev will be eligible for release on February 27, 2014.

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