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    "Yep, I hate that too, but my pet hate is directors cross holdings, if this isn't a rort I don't know what is, and people are wondering why no new drilling results, good gawd, don't people realise that they have no money to do any?"

    Quote Unquote, your a very strange person Andy,

    Firstly, why bother, if you dont like a stock, why are you trying to save our sould

    Secondly, so, why no drill results from BMN or AGS.

    It was stated in the reports what was going on. You really make silly unsubstantiated claims. We did have some drilling results, go and read the announcements. I am sure there is a stock that you do like, read and write on them, as for EXT, put it on your ignore list, you continually attack people on this thread and still you just dont get it

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Currently unlisted public company.

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