MHL 0.00% 0.3¢ monitor energy limited

12 months today since the 6.4 cps amazing hey.

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    And here it is at 0.4 unreal..... and not a inch further forward in progress in fact diluted to buggery and worthless IMO with current team on top sack the lot of em and i will run the show JR has done JACK in the last 12 months bar burn mega dollars for no physical step forward would not surprise me at all if he turned and burned and just left this mess in his wake 7.5 million oppies left to sell and i have MHL in my past hOOOOOOOOray :)

    GB :)$$$$$$

    Have a look at KOG if you want to see how a oiler should be run now that's progressive professional management in oil and gas :)$$$$$$$
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