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12 months from now

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    I really liked Punter's learnings.
    I've just consulted my crystal ball and she has predicted the following:

    MIS schemes are dead forever (forever being at least the next 12 months)

    Biomass and carbon credit scheme xxx has just received ASIC approval to market their new save the world project to financial advisor with tax deduction sbeing considered

    GNS will end up the next GTP and all the usual punters will be reunited in dispair. BTW The crystal ball consulted GNS' chart for this prediction.

    BEN will still be sending me notices giving me 7 days to pay or else...

    DC and M&K are about to launch their class actions

    A parliamentary commission is to investigate potential misleading behaviour of GTP and its former senior managers

    Wooduck's blood pressure has settled back to his normal 180/150

    and... this is wishful thinking...Karma has gotten hold of Cameron Rhodes, John Young and my (former)financial advisor

    Have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. We've all licked our wounds long and hard. My kids inheritance is gonski but life goes on. Go out and smell the flowers...
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Currently unlisted public company.

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