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So let me get this right @Upmarket - you have not got the time...

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    So let me get this right @Upmarket - you have not got the time (2 seconds) to look at a chart to see that actually 2year data makes CDV look even worst yet you have the time to try and bag a poster who has a different opinion and who is not afraid to state his dissapointment with the current way the project is being run....this clearly shows the type of investor and person you are....join my ignored club.

    Oh dear, Smoking. I didn't need to look at the charts because as a holder of a few years, I know where CDV has come from. However since you were unable, or decided not to take up the challenge, I provide a three year chart for you below.

    Btw CDV was worth 19c on 25th May 2016 so up 150% in two years. Was 6c three years ago when many of us bought in. Perhaps the stock is going through the lull of the development cycle, I'm sure you've seen that graph. You can go your hardest trying to dismiss the board, but frankly think you are wasting your time and breath on the issue.

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