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One of my concerns with this company is exactly what you list as...

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    One of my concerns with this company is exactly what you list as a great benefit, a scientist running the show. Personally I don't know any scientists that have made much money. I know lots of people who have made money from using scientists as part of a business but in my experience academics aren't great wealth creators. Business acumen and scientific ethos don't have a great correlation. It's the same with the guys I talk to about currency and volatility at the bank I deal with, they are incredibly smart guys and have made me money but they themselves are focused on the mathematic skill involved and so are no where near as wealthy was they should be.

    Ultimately I don't have a clue about how quantum computing works and I sincerely doubt anyone on here does either unless they are a research academic involved with it's development, however I do know that it is a thing that will be potentially very real in the world in the not so distant future so I've bought in and upped my initial holding tenfold in the last week or 2 and will probably double that again on Monday. I'm really looking forward to seeing if AXE can produce meaningful revenue and then profit from all of the promising bits and pieces that it has assembled.

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