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10 reasons to hold cnm

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    My 10 reasons, do your own research:

    1) CNM is progressing with the POC with the wave energy project (blue sky)
    2) The $600K grant from Ausindustry is a major endorsement for the project.
    3) Pacific Hydro are a major stakeholder in the project (49% of SPV)
    4) Carnegie seem to have been selling their PDX shares to improve the balance sheet.
    Refer to June 03 quarterly cash report of $770K and 2.5 million PDX shares.
    5) Carnegie announced on the London Stock Exchange a reduction in their holding to 1.75 million shares on the 12th August via PDX. Probably raising 700K to appear on their next quarterly statement (hunch only).
    6) PDX shares have gone from 45p to 72p in the last 4 weeks….a revaluation of this means that the PDX stock is worth $3.1 million (liquid assets that can be liquidated if required).
    7) Check out the Pacific Hydro newsletter and analyst presentation that mentions the Wave Energy Project.
    8) Carnegie get a global % of revenue from PDX for any use of the technology (blue sky). Refer to PDX announcements on London Stock Exchange (not sure how much?)
    9) Carnegie has cash on the balance sheet, no debt, $3.1 million in PDX shares
    10) Trading at way below net asset backing.

    Any other opinions out there……………..
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