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I am humbled by the post you guys have made of me and glad you...

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    I am humbled by the post you guys have made of me and glad you guys appreciate a different view of the company - yes i am a non-holder, i have interest in the concept but you all know why my thoughts are that is holding me back from jumping in if not read probably pages 25 on wards in this thread alone.

    Drifta what i think the posters are commenting is that they see little substance as to why the SP could reach 1c or below - hence why i rarely comment on the SP. It is easy to say it but without providing basis of the decision it seems like a down ramp. I personally think they did miss the target of March but ICI did come in however my issue is that surely management would understand that the ICI deal was close when they made the announcement middle of March as i am pretty sure ICI didn't call up the day after the announcement and said hey we should do a deal and sign within a week - otherwise there was some super quick negotiations. However I don't see them missing it that badly and there is a sort of reason behind it however if it isn't released this FY i think even more questions will be asked and then i think people will agree with a missed target.

    If people want to have thoughts on where i see the SP I can be certain that 10c isn't on any foreseeable horizon and not to seem to downramp but i don't think the release of the platform by itself will skyrocket it may get to 3-4c this is getting extreme but i would say on today's price it might get 2-2.5c (only my opinion on what i feel) but if it is teamed up with an amazing announcement then it would depend on the announcement. Reason being is the SP has likely factored into the SP as it is 'coming soon'. My gut still says they will release it in June and looks more likely each day and my reason for June is because they will have SH screaming for it as it was promised originally back in March before ICI and they will want to get it out before EOFY. However i felt there was an extreme amount of hype put into EM1 SP a couple of months ago and personally don't see it reaching 4.5c with just releasing the platform (with an announcement potentially but depends on content).

    However if the platform is released and people don't like what they see the SP could also plummet as they have provided little imagery of the platform or even the games they are going to have.

    For me a catalyst for the SP to really go would be an announcement of a major sponsor (especially if a recurring one), great user uptake of the platform including retention - or take over but extremely unlikely atm given there isn't a platform as yet. Releasing platform or added 110 AAA games (already announced 100 AAA games) wouldn't constitute it... If they get cloud gaming out then yeah sure but there is MANY reasons why i don't see cloud gaming of AAA games coming anytime soon.
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