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I largely ignore the volumes that are more than 5 points either...

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    I largely ignore the volumes that are more than 5 points either side as a lot can change however some people tend to look at the whole depth to get an idea of how much support there might be in a stock.

    If someone logs 10M at 0.001c with a share at 2c they are either really thinking the share is going to crash or perhaps they are trying to make the total depth look good. This is because it only costs $10,000 to put a bid in of 10M at 0.001 which really props up the depth compared to trying it at say 1.5c which would be $150,000 to put the same bid of 10M shares - if using the same $10,000 for 10M before would only be 666,666 shares

    Comparing it to the seller it is a little different as they have to actually own the shares so they cannot just make 'fake' buys to prop it up. However a seller can try and put downward pressure after close by logging a sell order and take it off prior to open. E.g. A 10M holder puts in a sell order right after close of 3M shares at 1.5c which might scare others or maybe someone needs money for whatever reason and they see this 3M sell order and go well i cannot wait that long so they log their shares at 1.4c which now the seller has successfully lowered the price. However have 10M of shares at say 5c or 10c doesnt have the same negative impact and this could also be where the person feels they are happy if they were to get their price in the current environment or was part of their plan that this was their success price. However the have to actually own the shares to log the order...

    Hope this helps
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