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Sorry moderators for the misunderstanding here is the post now...

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    Sorry moderators for the misunderstanding here is the post now .

    I know personally i am not looking at buying in many many questions and things seem a little bit fishy (personal opinion);

    1. Where is the platform that was coming in the 'coming weeks' (or was this meant to be months?)?
    2. Why was SVT given their largest contract of $500,000 PLUS only ONE month after Bert was the chairman of EM1 where Bert is also the Chairman of SVT prior to joining em1 and still remains the SVT chairman too - seems like a conflict of interest and would sure hope it went through a great vetting process
    https://www.arnnet.com.au/article/640847/aussie-software-player-takes-esports-gig-africa-entrance/ - 500k deal
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/bert-mondello-b1b68125/#experience-section - for Bert being Chairman of both companies
    3. Who received the 60M discounted shares (3c when trading at 3.2-3.3 at trading halt) plus free options that were striking at 2c when SP was at 3.2-3.4c?

    4. There was a middle of March announcement they were launching in March and then the ICI thing came out and they delay the platform - Seems a little weird they couldn't foresee this delay
    5. Why is there such a large amount of money on the Qtr going to businesses that Directors are involved in?
    6. How is the business even remotely going to be profitable with having to buy such high end machines to render the AAA games and stream them and then the constant reinvestment in machines as the AAA games get more demanding - have outlined these costings before. https://hotcopper.com.au/posts/38305879/single

    7. Without the same resources as MEGA GIANTS such as Google, Apple etc how will EM1 compete against their technology, data centres, people skill and financial backing heck even brand awareness.

    I mentioned before i liked the concept of what the business was trying to do however the more i research the less interested in and right now and for any foreseeable future i am certainly not interested in buying.My apology moderators for the misunderstand here is the post;

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