(1) War on Gaza. (2) Debunking Jewish & Zionist narrative - miscellaneous, page-479

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    It's a fact but you have a severe case of whatboutism syndrome where you desperately clutch at "holocaust" or "Nanjing" every time to exaggerate your moral projection for any opportunity to slam Israel trying to secure its sovereignty. But you never look around your waist/waste at your own incontinent mess.

    For your complaining about semantics and logic.... According to Hamas, if 33,000 Palestinians have perished, and about half were Hamas militants, that leaves 16,500 civilians (many also caused by Hamas). So 16,500 out of 2.2 million Gazan is less than 1%.

    I haven't been there but did you not expect them to not have a museum? You don't think other host countries like Armenia might have one for Armenians? If 50% of Jews perished in WW2, it is indeed "much bigger deaths" as you put it.

    Anyway you're confusing this localised population in Gaza (where Hamas has been attacking Israel from) with actual ethnic cleansing which happens on a global scale, and there are at least 450 million Arabs outside of Gaza.
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