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    As I continued to dig further and read more of Mogul's historical financials, the change in all BOD and management over the past few years, I can tell that it's time for us to move further north. I will share more of why so below.

    During this current Covid-19 pandemic, we see more people start to stay home because they need to. Kids and even adults start exploring new games to play. Even for ESH investors, they flocked into gaming stocks. No doubt we are being affected by this pandemic. Social distancing and travel restrictions have put an end to in-person esports competitions for the foreseeable future. However, this will not go on forever if you think of it again.

    In addition, during the March Quarter, Esports Mogul launches 2 new projects with Microsoft and Team Secret. More to come and watch this closely to make us leading in this sector. Team Secret launched its branded 'Secret Stars' hub on Mogul, from which Mogul receives 60% of revenue from paid subscribers. Yes, 60%. The partnership we have with Microsoft will be 12 months on 'Age of Empires II Asia Cup' tournament, will last till run until Feb 2021.

    The company believes it is well-placed to attract further organisers, teams, influencers and publishers going forward. It is a plus point as we want to see Mogul scaling much bigger from where we are now.

    Not sure how many of you know, Razer had invested US$3.3m in Mogul (2018). Having them as a significant shareholder in us is very good in this sector. Ask any gamer and they'll tell you how good Razer is, not because I'm a Singaporean and the CEO/founder is a Singaporean. FYI, I am not a gamer, only an investor and love this exponential growth here.

    I will want to unite all Mogul shareholders in a telegram group. Please send me your HC user, intro yourself to me @Snowball_Investor and will add you in the telegram group. I do hope with this, we can share more insights on the company business and on this sector together. Have a good weekend to all
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