1.85m americans give trump a MONSTER THANK YOU

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    YES - 1.85M un-named americans are today giving trump a special THANK YOU, for saving their lives..

    these 1.85m americans have husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mistresses, grand fathers, grand mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces etc etc . and they all vote - and they will certainly all vote for the great leader..

    trump, by his own humble admission has said that the corona death toll would be 2m if it was not for the DECISIVE ACTION - that he took.

    only 145,000 dead = 1.85m lives saved .

    meanwhile in the real world , a reporter from bbc was in a tokyo train station - and noted that every japanese person was voluntarily wearing a face mask (and only about 1000 dead in a population of 125m)..

    Dictator Dan (the head honcho from victoria), has ordered melbourne people to wear face masks if they step outside their door ..

    one way or the other , it seems that face masks work to restrict the spread of the virus ..

    meanwhile in trumpland ... mmmm mmm oh forget it - just forget it ..

    oh - but never forget that trump has saved 1.85m lives - irrespective what a total dope he is ..

    watso is ALL ABOARD THE TRUMP TRAIN toot toot..
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