What if the problems had a different cause?Government...

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    What if the problems had a different cause?

    Government interference.

    Daughter has a small child minding centre.
    Obviously child minding has to have a standard.
    But there are a staggering number of rules and regs;
    even booking a child has to go through an agency.

    The bookwork is ridiculous.
    Despite government subsidies, prices a too high.
    And it still does not stop the fraudsters.

    Oh for the days when the woman next door or the lady up the street
    had an earn on the side.

    The government has seriously damaged the power industry.
    AEMO is prevented from buying KWH from the cheapest supplier at the time.

    The marketing authority is forced by law to pay higher prices
    to the comedians running the windmills and mirrors.

    All the time repeating the mantra "renewables are cheaper now"

    Personally have an historic FIT of 66c KWH for the PV array
    but pay 89c a day grid connect fee and nearly 27c KWH.

    And the world will still end in less than 10 years.

    Energy is crippling country towns
    Of course, this is where our food is grown.

    Water is a complete botch-up by marketing authorities.
    The Murray Darling Basin Authority should be jailed.

    These "geniuses" were so bloody stupid
    they "invested" money in the CDO scam
    (collateralised debt obligations)

    All this government interference raises the cost of production.
    The AUD has fallen to 68c.

    Imports are way cheaper.
    A self-perpetuating spiral downwards in Australian production.
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