$1.7 billion spent on imported milk

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    As a result of all those wonderful Free Trade Agreements --- (IE restrictive trade agreements)  -- more and more Dairies and more milk and cheese production is being shut down in Australia

    Business purchases huge amounts of cheese from the US instead of our producers supplying it ---  why

    Dairy company Fonterra will close its western Victorian factory, shedding nearly 100 jobs.


    It is difficult to purchase a lot of food products in the super market these days if you prefer "Australia Made" but very soon it will be impossible, food production is going the same way as other manufacturing and that is it will all be dead.

    We have only a few weeks of fuel in the country at any one time,

    It appears that we will have the same situation with food, it will not be a few supermarkets short of stock it will be the country

    And if another country puts a trade embargo on us we will all starve.

    But at the same time we have sold our farms to foreign governments to grow food for their home consumption but not for use in Australia
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