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1.30 at years end ?

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    Ok so I have had a deep breath,weathered the storm and am still holding. Looking to the future I would like all of your opinions as to the potential values of upcoming deals and also the PE you think this company deserves once it is making money. I would imagine we are 90 percent in the dark on many things which is infuriating but if we can at least tread water for a bit with the ten percent we know then surely it just has to be a matter of time. I kind of picture this as chipping away at a dam wall. The shorters can fix a leak here and there only if they occur every few months. Once we have several announcements in quick succession the flood will come no matter the size as sentiment will change and at some point shorters will have to cover. Would like to see the dam wall break with one killer announcement leaving them all drowning but will be happy just to get rid off them even if it's a slow and steady thing. Maybe we should have a poll whether you think TDA will win his bet. At this point I would say 1.30 by years end. Happy to be proven wrong as long as it's north of there.
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