NKP 0.00% 9.9¢ nkwe platinum limited

$1.00 is close as xmas!!!

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    (I recalculated NPV for Garatau Project based on
    the NKP presentation and discount rate of 7%)

    Garatau Project

    JORC resource: 23.6 Moz

    Peak production: 600,000 Oz of 6PGE

    Basket Price (Long Term): US$950 / 4Eoz
    Operating margin: US$445 / 4Eoz
    Mining life: >50 years

    Steady State Free Cashflow: US$150 million

    NPV of Garatau Project: US$2,070 million

    50% attributible to NKP: US$1,035 million

    Exchange rate : 0.88 AUD / USD

    NPV of Garatau Project: AU$1,176 million

    Current market value(sp $0.495): AU$240 million

    Estimated value per share: AU$2.43!!!

    Tubatse Project
    JORC resource: 45 Moz

    Estimated value per share: AU$4.60

    Total estimated value per share: AU$7.03!!!

    Note: those are not considered as any advice, merely personal opinion.
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