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    It makes no difference what the price is in the short term. Think end of January.

    It can be hard to post anything on this as I sound like a ramping fark.

    All pointers are pointing the right way if you ask me.

    Latest announcement......

    Very Conservative Geo....I was told

    The right area...next to WSA

    Talk of buy out take overs FXR........speculation.

    Talk of same WSA....but I think they would like to see assays first.

    My own speculation of 8% Massive nickel Sulphides, these dreams just keep getting better.

    NEGATIVES.......Can we trust the management?

    Is the Geo a num nut?

    Does the Geo want to wreck the company?

    Is it a scam?

    Is it piss weak sulphides ie less than 1%.....then why the Significant in the announcement....

    Sorry guys the Negatives do not make any sense, I would in my honest opinion have to say its a goer.

    Also depends on them getting some good hits on the other 17 holes.

    But they are flanking WSA.......Whats the odds for a Major deposit? 60%
    One hit wonder 30%
    Scam 2%
    Geo committing to be unemployable 5%

    Would you agree that the Positives out-weigh the Negatives?

    Rumour and speculation........and a bit of logical commonsense.
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