NWT 0.00% 11.5¢ newsat limited

0.005 gone by friday, deep in 0.006 by xmas

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    0.005 gone by Friday

    - They are making money.

    - Unanounced contracts (or where has the money been coming from lately?)

    - The last few things they've said have actually come true.

    - Optus is the only Australian company that already has satellites, but they are not suitable for use by the national broadband network. Optus has been in talks with the NBN Co about the possibility of launching more satellites, and Mr Quigley's emissaries are also believed to have spoken to companies that already buy satellite capacity, but are considering launching their own satellites.

    A company called NewSat

    - EWC bid over by Monday. Puts us back to where we were heading prior to this disgrace of a takeover, heading upwards.

    - And according to my tea leaves (which have a 100% strike rate with NWT) a nice little ANN by this Friday, mark my words!

    = Merry Xmas!
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