Chris Judd's Talk Ya Book: Furnishing a short position on TPW

On Chris Judd’s Talk Ya Book today, we hear from VP Capital co-founder Tom Lambeth about furniture ecommerce retailer, Temple & Webster Group (ASX:TPW) which has reported consistent 25 per cent revenue growth in recent years.

Lambeth argues that will be difficult to sustain and says the stock seems expensive on market and the CEO Mark Coulter sold down 8 per cent of his shares in TPW on two days in February.

Tom Lambeth said it has ‘rallied hard’ and so is ‘short’ on TPW.

Judd and Lambeth talk ‘shorting’ and how if you’re right, you can make large gains, but if wrong, you can lose more than what you have.

Talk Ya Book was created by AFL football great, Chris Judd, in 2019 as a show where fund managers could share their highest conviction investment idea but more importantly showcase their investment framework to the public.

In 2023, Chris joined the people he interviews in the world of funds management by creating the Cerutty Macro Fund. Chris is the founder and portfolio manager of the fund which looks to invest in long term, secular, macro trends.

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