Capitalising on investment manager's trendline moves

Investment manager Centuria Capital (ASX:CNI) has been nominated the Hot Stock Tip in today’s Wealth Within video segment, a stock which has been edging up in value over the past couple of months.

The show is presented by Wealth Within’s chief analyst and best selling author, Dale Gillham, who uses trendlines to forecast share movements.

“There’s plenty of upside potential on this stock,” Mr Gillham said.

“At the moment the potential upside is at least 30 per cent and obviously if it gets back up to its all time high, there’s nearly 100 per cent in that stock.”

Mr Gillham’s ‘Proceed with Caution’ stock is Core Lithium (ASX:CXO) which has run up 21 per cent over the past week. The ‘Not Hot’ stock for the week is Lynas Rare Earths (ASX:LYC).

Mr Gillham also discusses Sayona Mining (ASX:SYA) which was up 41 per cent last week after a lengthy decline and Altium (ASX:ALU) which gained more than 28 per cent in a week after a $9 billion takeover bid from Japanese semi-conductor company, and if all goes ahead, will be delisted off the ASX.

While Wealth Within holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL:226347) the information featured in this program is general in nature and therefore should not be relied upon. Before making any investment decisions, you should consult a licensed professional who can advise whether your investment decisions are appropriate for you.

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