Leading the world in Zero Voltage Switching tech

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29 Feb 2024 13:42 (AEDT)

Hillcrest Energy Technologies (CSE:HEAT), (OTCQB:HLRTF) and (FSE:7HI), claims it’s leading the world in its development of power conversion technologies and digital control system solutions.

In this interview, founder, CEO and Director Don Currie talks about Hillcrest’s advanced systems for next-generation powertrains and grid-connected renewable energy.

“We are the first in the world to be able to come up with a commercial prototype for a Zero Voltage inverter Switching (ZVS) technology,” Mr Currie said.

“This is massive, the world has been trying to perfect zero-voltage switching for 20-30 years, we’re the first that have been able to do it (that we’re aware of), the first to be able to take it into potential customers and development partner facilities and demonstrate that we’ve cracked the code.”

Hillcrest Energy Technologies is on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker code HEAT and also trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the OTCQB. You can learn more about Hillcrest Energy Technologies by visiting their Stockhouse forum.

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