Calmer Co's kava products hit shelves at 500+ Coles stores

Kava-based health food drink producer Calmer Co (ASX:CCO) has finally seen its products literally hit the shelves at Coles (ASX:COL) stores nation-wide following unforeseen customs delays.

The move represents what could be a potentially transformational opportunity for the company with its Kava shots now at 500+ stores nation-wide.

Described as bottled cold-pressed kava drinks that “promote calmness,” Calmer Co prides itself being the “only foreign business in Fiji.”

After a long wait borne from customs delays, the company has now seen its Kava shots hit 500 Coles stores nationally, while its 150g ‘just add water’ style powdered pouches have hit inventories at 300 stores.

Calmer Co TakiMai shots on the shelf at Coles (Source: Calmer Co)

And this time, they’re actually on the shelf.

There’s also the fact that Calmer Co’s kava drink products are also already available on the e-commerce platforms for both Amazon and Walmart.

Calmer Co has described itself as the leading supplier of kava-based health drink products on Amazon in the past.

“We are delighted to announced the launch of kava shots and our entry into the ready to drink beverage market which will be a focus for our business in the years ahead,” Calmer Co chief Anthony Noble said.

“Using our extraction technology and processing facility in Fiji, we are the only organisation able to extract green kava, bottle it and distribute it to international markets at scale.

“We are excited to see the consumer uptake of this product at a time that kava is starting to gain good sales traction as a replacement to alcohol and as a health supplement used for its therapeutic benefits to reduce anxiety and enhance sleep.”

CCO shares last traded at 0.4cps.

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