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PERTH, AUSTRALIA; 23 APRIL 2019: Hazer Group Ltd (ASX:HZR) has been granted its first Australian Patent – “A process for producing hydrogen and graphitic carbon from hydrocarbons” (AU 2016240393).

This granted Australian Patent is in addition to two previous Australian Innovation Patents granted in December 2018, and certified in February and April 2019.

These patents, when taken together, provide broad, enforceable protection for Hazer’s core technologies in Australia. Remaining patent applications (see previous announcements) remain ongoing and continue to be pursued as per the normal procedures and timelines of the various relevant patent organisations.

Hazer’s Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Ward, said it was a significant step for Hazer to secure its patent rights in Australia.

“This is the first granted standard patent in Hazer’s intellectual property portfolio protecting the Hazer Process - a significant milestone for Hazer and its team,” Mr Ward said.

“This granted standard patent, together with the certified innovation patents, provide a solid foundation for Hazer’s intellectual property position in Australia and protection to our commercial development strategy.”

Hazer Group instituted a disciplined and rigorous Intellectual Property strategy to protect our novel IP across relevant international jurisdictions. The strategy is based around Australian and international patent applications covering four patent families across 23 jurisdictions (see details in previous announcements – list below)

These patent filings are being pursued under the relevant national application processes in each jurisdiction and are proceeding according to normal timelines. To date, Examination reports have been received in Europe, Australia, Singapore, Eurasia, and Thailand. Hazer are working through the examination procedures in those jurisdictions.

The Australian patent applications are the most advanced and may be used to accelerate patent approval in other jurisdictions under the Global Patent Prosecution Highway mechanism. To date, Hazer has received one Australian Patent and two Australian Innovation Patents (a secondary patent class with lesser rights than an Australian Patent) to date. Hazer is continuing to progress two additional Australian Patent applications and will report on their progress as milestones as notification of grant is received.


Summary of previous intellectual property updates

23 October 2017 – Hazer announces national phase entry of the patent application entitled “A process for producing hydrogen and graphitic carbon from hydrocarbons” in 23 countries.

10 November 2017 – Hazer responds to an ASX query around its intellectual property portfolio.

23 November 2018 – Hazer provides a status announcement on its intellectual property portfolio and intellectual property strategy.

17 December 2018 – Hazer announces grant of two Australian innovation patents AU 2018101787 and AU 2018101788, together with acceptance of Australian patent application AU 2016240393.

26 February 2019 – Hazer announces certification of Australian innovation patent AU 2018101787 and acceptance of Australian patent application AU 2016312962.

1 April 2019 – Hazer announces certification of Australian innovation patent AU 2018101788 entitled “A process for producing hydrogen and graphite from natural gases”.


Hazer Group Limited (“Hazer” or “The Company”) is an ASX-listed technology development company undertaking the commercialisation of the Hazer Process, a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process. The Hazer Process enables the effective conversion of natural gas and similar methane feedstocks, into hydrogen and high quality graphite, using iron ore as a process catalyst.

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