CCP Expands into Bio Storage Industry with Monash University


CCP has completed successful trials with Monash University for a new premium monitoring solution

Protects biological assets with extreme temperature monitoring to negative 80 degrees and lesser

Expands CCP’s market for monitoring beyond refrigeration for consumables

Demonstrates the product versatility enabled by CCP’s in-­house IoT development team

21 MAY 2019 – IoT development and solutions company, CCP Technologies Limited (“CCP” or “the Group”) (ASX:CT1) is pleased to announce that it has successfully developed a new application of the CCP monitoring solution that can accurately monitor the temperature of biological assets down to negative 80 degrees with potential for lower temperatures following further development.

CCP believes that the solution is market-­ leading as a ‘plug & play’ monitoring solution that can reliably and continuously, monitor and report on temperatures at the extreme low levels required for the storage for high-­value biological materials that can have replacement values of tens of thousands to in excess of $1m each.

The insurance and disruption costs associated with the loss of biological assets due to breaches in temperature tolerance limits is a major issue for scientific and medical facilities globally.

CCP has been progressively rolling out its monitoring solutions at Monash University and this application represents a new use-­case for CCP that has far-­reaching market opportunity. Seeing the potential value of stepping into a market void in which there is a compelling need and working closely with Monash University to address their requirements, CCP has overcome the technical challenges that extreme low temperature presents for reliable accurate monitoring to produce an effective technical solution that can be rolled out at scale.

CCP’s monitoring solution not only provides real-­time monitoring and alerts, the software dashboard can also be used to report on equipment life cycles, maintenance and replacement requirements such that outages and unscheduled maintenance can be minimised thus further reducing the risk of compromising the stored assets.


As part of a broader planned rollout of CCP’s monitoring solution at Monash University, 120 monitoring points have been identified for the application of the new solution.

CCP intends to market the new premium monitoring solution to the bio-­storage industry globally as an addition to CCP’s existing commercial applications.

This new application highlights CCP’s unique versatility to respond to client needs and market opportunities that is enabled by the IoT development team.

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About CCP Technologies

CCP Technologies Limited offers an IoT technology solution comprising smart sensors that are placed in temperature controlled environments and push data to a cloud-­based software platform that provides a dashboard for users to manage and monitor their produce or other temperature sensitive items for the purpose of compliance, consumer safety, energy efficiency and reduction of wastage. In addition to temperature the solution can be applied to movement tracking, gaseous environments, acidity, power usage and other applications to provide a fully automated, third party, real-­time and historical reporting.

The Company’s IT development division specialises in IoT software and hardware development and maintenance and can deliver an end-­to-­end service for IoT innovators and managers that is a unique outsource offering in the marketplace.