New field season in full swing with multiple gold targets to be tested at Croydon and Kangan

and newly-discovered lithium-pegmatite outcrops to be mapped and sampled

Key Points:

Field exploration activities underway with two teams operating.

At Croydon, mapping and sampling is being undertaken to test the conglomerate horizon along strike from recent gold nugget discoveries.

Targets generated from stream sediment sampling in late 2018 will also be tested.

At the Kangan Project, a second team is evaluating the potential for gold-in-marine terraces similar to Novo Resources’ (TSX: NVO) Egina Goldfield, some 20km to the west.

Exploration at Kangan will also further evaluate recently identified pegmatite outcops for their lithium potential.

Figure 1: Pilbara Gold Project With Regional Geology.

Kairos’ Executive Chairman, Terry Topping, said: “We’re pleased to announce the start of our 2019 exploration field season in the Pilbara after a slightly-delayed start due to the impact of Cyclone Veronica. We have two teams in the field and a number of exciting targets that will be systematically tested as part of a multi-pronged program being overseen by our consultant geologist, Pilbara conglomerate gold expert, George Merhi”

“At Croydon, we have detailed mapping and sampling programs planned to test the conglomerate horizon along strike from the exciting nugget patches which were discovered towards the end of last year.”

“We also have numerous targets which were generated by the significant stream sediment sampling results reported towards the end of last year and earlier this year which demonstrated an extensive distribution of gold and high correlation between panned gold samples (colours) and positive stream sediment results.”

“A second team has been dispatched to the Kangan Project, located 20km east of Novo Resources’ Egina Goldfield. We have generated some interesting new targets on these tenements with strong similarities to the gold in marine terrace gravels reported by Novo Resources. This is an intriguing target located on the bed of the ancient seafloor which we intend to test with auger drilling, mapping and sampling.”

“The Kangan team will also inspect some newly-discovered outcropping pegmatites for their lithium potential. Given the location of these tenements in the same geological setting as some of the world’s biggest lithium deposits at Wodgina and Pilgangoora, we believe that the lithium potential is well worth investigating.”

Kairos Minerals Ltd (ASX: KAI; “Kairos” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce the commencement of field exploration activities at its 100%-owned Pilbara Gold-Lithium Project in Western Australia.

Planned work programs will include detailed mapping and sampling of the prospective gold-bearing conglomerate contact horizon located adjacent to recent gold nugget discovies at the Croydon Project, as well as follow-up exploration around the extensive stream sediment results reported previously (and outlined below).

The Company will also commence exploration targeting potentially gold-bearing marine terrace gravels and lithium-bearing pegmatites within the Kangan Project, located 70km south of Port Hedland.


Field work including mapping and sampling will be undertaken at a number of target areas at the Croydon Project identified from previous stream sediment sampling.

Highly encouraging assay results from 253 stream sediment samples (17 WCT0001-45 and 18WCST00001-

235)were collected over E47/3522 and E47/3523. Refer to ASX announcements from 20 November 2018, 17 January 2018 and 29 January 2019.

These results, which include a peak gold value of 12,379ppb Au (12.3g/t Au), confirm the widespread distribution of gold anomalism across the Project and build on the significant nugget discoveries announced towards the end of last year.

The results confirm the widespread distribution of gold across the Project, with over 46% of the samples taken returning a positive result for gold (visible gold in the panned samples). There has been a significant improvement through the sampling campaigns, which returned positive results for 35% of panned samples then 50% and the most recent at 75% of the samples taken.

Follow-up reconnaissance of some of the stream sediment results resulted in the collection of a total of 447 gold nuggets for over 30.3 ounces of gold from six newly-discovered “patches” (Patch #1-6) (see ASX releases from 13 September 2019, 20 November 2018 and 17 January 2019).

The Company is now in a position to undertake more detailed mapping and sampling to determine the souces of this gold.

Figure 2: Croydon Project showing key target areas.


The Kangan Project, which consists of one Exploration Licence and one Exploration Licence Application, is located 70km south of Port Hedland with access from the Great Northen Highway.

During 2018, Novo Resources Corp (TSX:V NVO) conducted exploration at the Egina Project Kairos has completed a review of previous mapping that has highlighted the potential for similar gold in marine terrace gravels thought to be sourced from the eroded conglomerate gold mineralisation.

The Project is prospective for gold in marine terrace gravels similar to the Egina Goldfield, located some 20km to the west as well as for lithium-bearing pegmatites.

Field exploration has now commenced for both these targets.

Figure 3: Kangan Project location


About Kairos Minerals

Kairos Minerals (ASX: KAI) is a diversified West Australian-based exploration company which is focused on the exploration and development of two key project hubs located in WA’s premier mining districts.

The Company’s 100%-owned Pilbara Gold-Project has its central “hub” located ~100km south of Port Hedland in the world-class Pilgangoora district immediately adjacent to the major lithium-tantalum projects owned by Pilbara Minerals and Altura Mining which are both currently in advanced stages of construction and development.

In the Pilbara, Kairos also holds 1,158 square kilometres of tenure which is highly prospective for conglomerate-hosted gold discoveries. The Company’s portfolio includes ~100 strike kilometres of prospective lower Fortescue Group rocks including both the base of the Hardey Formation and the basal sequence of the Mount Roe Basalt. Major exploration programs are underway targeting these highly prospective stratigraphic horizons, which have been associated with a number of recent high-profile gold discoveries in the Pilbara.

Since acquiring the project in early 2016, Kairos has rapidly established a 643,000oz JORC 2012 compliant Gold Mineral Resource by re-evaluating the previously known resources from the historical Lynas Find gold project, which produced over 125,000oz of gold between 1994 and 1998 and by executing highly focussed, cost effective exploration in its own right.

Kairos’s 100%-owned Roe Hills Project, located 120km east of Kalgoorlie in WA’s Eastern Goldfields, comprises an extensive tenement portfolio where the Company’s recent exploration work has confirmed the potential for significant discoveries of high grade gold, nickel and cobalt mineralisation. Kairos’ tenure adjoins the emerging Lake Roe gold discovery, owned by Breaker Resources (ASX: BRB).