17 April 2019


EN1 Launches Facebook Paid Social Advertising

Phase 1


XEN1 initiates its paid social business with the addition of Facebook as the first several planned paid social platforms

XEN1 deploys its paid social product significantly ahead of schedule, due to overwhelming customer demand (originally targeted to be live in Q3)

XIconicReach customers are the first to join the paid social strategy

XPaid social would provide the missing tools needed to secure significantly more budgets from existing and new customers

XManagement is considering an Australian-based paid social acquisition

engage:BDR (“EN1 or Company”) (ASX:EN1 and EN1O) is pleased to announce that the Company has deployed Facebook advertising as part of its paid social strategy. Advertisements on Facebook utilise users’ unique profiles as targeting metrics to allow brands to reach their most appropriate potential customers. As announced by the Company on 11 February 2019, EN1 targeted a launch in Q3 of this year for this product. Management is pleased to report, that due to customer demand, the first phase of this product has gone live significantly ahead of schedule. Management also highlights, the product and revenue-related achievements in 2019 so far have been significant accomplishments as the Company only employs 15 highly-qualified full-time staff who each have a personal goal of achieving at least $1M in 2019.

About Facebook Advertising

engage:BDR has had a long history with Facebook, starting in 2010. Initially, engage:BDR was a certified ad provider for Facebook app developers (Canvas Apps

publisher monetisation). Subsequently, engage:BDR became a top inventory provider on Facebook’s video ad exchange, LiveRail. engage:BDR did not sell

Facebook’s core-advertising product until now.

Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with over 2.3 billion unique monthly users. This large pool of users allows advertisers to reach their most appropriate audience, no matter what the niche may be.

There are five main types of Facebook advertisements - newsfeed on desktop, newsfeed on mobile, sidebar on a desktop, network on mobile and on Instagram. These advertisements can target users based on their location, age, gender, interests, connections, relationship status, languages, education and workplace.

Facebook ads allow advertisers to improve brand awareness, traffic to a site, store visits, online conversations, app installs, video views and engagement by showing ads to people who are likely to pay attention to them. These online ads also allow advertisers to reach a maximum number of people at a relatively low cost.

There are two common goals that advertisers pursue through Facebook ads; lead generation and retargeting. Lead generation facilitates the process for people who are interested in learning more about a product or business, by linking them directly to the source of information. Meanwhile, retargeting focuses on promoting content to users who have previously shown an interest in the material that is being advertised.

EN1’s Paid Social Strategy

Advertisements on Facebook are a daily source of incremental revenue growth and allow EN1’s clients to target extremely niche audiences otherwise nearly impossible to reach. With more than 1.5 billion active daily users, Facebook is a top platform for ROI growth. Facebook's advertising technology helps new and emerging brands to drive awareness, while simultaneously driving traffic to the brand’s site and storefront.

Facebook’s large user pool also reflects directly in the traffic and conversation that occurs on the site. The Company is able to capture events at the time of conversion and record that data, to re-engage certain audiences for future campaigns. Large amounts of conversations on Facebook can transfer to increased conversations on a brand’s website or app, if the right audiences are targeted.

EN1’s technique of consistent optimizations and refreshing creative ad sets generates a positive ROAS and scalability for the Company’s clients. Management plans to begin cross-selling this service immediately and is highly optimistic about this method’s positive contribution to profitability. Facebook’s popularity is not likely to decline in the near future, making it a highly viable channel to engage with.

EN1’s paid social plan integrates several other social platforms, including SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Over 2019, Management

expects to deploy several other paid social platforms, including proprietary technology to manage and integrate with the existing media channels EN1 owns.

IconicReach, EN1’s influencer platform, has direct and immediate synergy with the new paid social strategy. IconicReach clients have requested to add paid social to their campaigns immediately. Management will announce clients on-boarding to the market shortly.

Other phases of the paid social strategy will include additional social advertising platforms named above, as well as customer and user interfaces and technology to manage workflow and potentially integrate this with other elements of EN1’s digital media offerings. Management will update the market, once developed, on future phases of the strategy as well as an overall perspective on what to expect throughout the year.

Triple Threat

Top 100 marketers in the U.S. focus their budgets heavily in three main areas of digital media. Programmatic advertising, influencer marketing and paid social are the three areas of growth and significant value for marketers and media companies alike. EN1 has two of these elements and has strong expertise in these areas – programmatic advertising and influencer marketing.

The third missing expertise was (paid social) planned to be integrated through a potential acquisition, initially announced to the market in late 2018. The ability to cross-sell and leverage a paid social expertise enables EN1 to tap into more of the brands’ budgets, potentially increasing the dollars spent by customer, and attract new customers who would start with paid social.

Paid Social Acquisition

In late 2018 (investor presentation), Management announced a potential acquisition of a paid social company. Management had numerous discussions with companies across the globe with paid social expertise. Dilution was a key concern in late 2018, so Management decided to postpone this opportunity until the market cap and share price would support this activity.

Recently, Management has been discussing an opportunity to acquire a thriving Australian-based paid social business. A company in Australia would provide EN1 tangibility, with local clients and a team familiar with the landscape. Additionally, this could be a catalyst for EN1’s programmatic and influencer businesses to be introduced to more Australian customers. Management will update the market if and when these opportunities become formal agreements.

In the interim, for questions and creative feedback, please email [email protected].

On behalf of the Board

Ted Dhanik

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

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