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Cerrejon Mine becomes Envirosuite’s largest client

9 May 2019


Latin America’s largest mining operation is now Envirosuite’s largest client with circa $500K pa in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

Utilising the full suite of Envirosuite’s functionality for mining and port operations

Showcase client for the mining sector globally

Environmental management technology company Envirosuite Limited (ASX:EVS) (‘Envirosuite’ or ‘the Company’ or ‘the Group’) is pleased to announce that it has received an order from Carbones del Cerrejon (Cerrejon) for continuous remote monitoring of groundwater pressure, to add to the existing Envirosuite solutions used by Cerrejon.

On 11 October 2018 the Company announced that Cerrejon had become the Group’s largest mining client and today with this further order the Company is pleased to announce that Cerrejon is now the Group’s largest client by ARR. The new order is for $84,000 in subscription revenue (ARR) and also includes $240,000 of hardware.

Cerrejon is setting the standard for environmental leadership and the improved community and productivity outcomes that the Envirosuite platform is designed to enable. The Envirosuite platform is fully integrated into Cerrejon’s risk management, forecasting, and TARP - Triggered Action Response Plans at both operational and environmental level. This covers:

Dust management and continuous monitoring; enabling dynamic controls and the ability to target highest risk areas of the operations with greater confidence.

Weather and air quality forecasting; giving the operations time to plan for expected conditions to minimize potential impacts and maximize productivity.

Blasting; including prediction and monitoring of ground vibration, airblast overpressure and flyrock to inform blast planning, avoid community impacts and optimise scheduling.

Surface water monitoring; to ensure that water releases are within required parameters and provide a continuous measure of performance across the operation.

Groundwater pressure monitoring; for continuous and remote analysis of slope stability and to inform risk management actions.

Cerrejon is a joint venture owned by three of the world’s largest mining conglomerates BHP, Glencore and Anglo American. Envirosuite also has a number of site-based operations with these major miners in other regions. Over the coming year the Group will be aiming to secure corporate multi-site licence deals with the major miners by using the Cerrejon case study and our existing list of global mining sites as reference sites.

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Envirosuite CEO Peter White said:

“Cerrejon is a pivotal client for us as it showcases our full functionality for the mining vertical at one of the world’s largest mines owned by three of the world’s largest miners. Our relationship with Cerrejon has evolved over the past three years as they have implemented different Envirosuite solutions that have subsequently proved their value. I have recently been on-site at the Cerrejon mine and seen firsthand the integration of the platform into the Cerrejon operational systems. Our team has done an excellent job in delivering solutions for Cerrejon and that is evident from the feedback I received from multiple Cerrejon team members in a variety of roles”.

Jon Evans, COO of Cerrejon said:

“Our relationship with Envirosuite has grown over time to the point where the platform is now an integrated part of our operations. We use Envirosuite across our business to support world’s best practices in our mining and port operations enabling continued improvement in terms of our environmental, community and financial outcomes. I would recommend to my peers in other mining operations globally to consider adopting the platform to enable the improvement of critical controls and performance metrics.”

Cerrejon has already contracted for the equipment order. They have now provided Envirosuite with a contract variation to their existing master contract for the subscription licence that in accordance with previous practice of the client will be finalised and signed with their procurement team in due course. The Company will advise the market if there are any unforeseen matters in completing this standard process.

In accordance with ASX GN8 for LRs 3.1-3.1B, the Company further advises that there is no other material information or conditions to be satisfied.

Further information on the Group’s activities in Colombia is highlighted in a new video that is available on the Company’s website with both English and Spanish versions: www.envirosuite.com

Envirosuite, CEO, Peter White visiting the Operations Room at Cerrejon

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About Cerrejon

Carbones del Cerrejon (‘Cerrejon’), a joint venture owned by BHP Billiton (ASX:BHP), Glencore (LSE:GLEN) and Anglo American (LSE:AAL). Cerrejon is the biggest coal mine in Latin America and the 10th largest coal mine in the world. Cerrejon operates an integrated facility consisting of a large, open cut coal mine, a railway to transport coal to its port, and a port for exporting coal.

About Envirosuite

Envirosuite Limited (ASX:EVS) is an environmental management technology company that has developed a leading Solution-as-Service offering which translates data into action in real-time.

Using proprietary algorithms built on more than 30 years of environmental consulting experience, Envirosuite’s platform provides a range of environmental monitoring, management and investigative capabilities.

Envirosuite’s platform is used worldwide by a range of clients in the mining, water and waste management, heavy industry, ports and agricultural industry sectors and as well by governments looking to regulate industry in accordance with community well-being.

To learn more, please visit: www.envirosuite.com

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