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The Market Herald is a multi-platform business & finance news organisation building the... The Market Herald is a multi-platform business & finance news organisation building the world’s largest audience of active investors, & the most valuable audience of affluent luxury and & wealth buyers. Every month The Market Herald and its global financial communities deliver over 100m page impressions reaching over 2.5 million investors and has the largest streaming business & finance network in Australia.More

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The Market Herald is a multi-platform business & finance news organisation building the world’s largest audience of active investors, & the most valuable audience of affluent luxury and & wealth buyers.
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26th February 2021

Successfully delivering on global digital disruption strategy – 770% increase EBITDA, 469% increase profit, 296% increase total income, $18.4m total revenue, $8.2m profit before tax, $50.1m assets

• Successfully delivering on global digital disruption strategy, strong growth from Australian and North American operations, building platform for future growth, expanding into new markets

• Accelerating leadership position for business and finance news for affluent and influential investors, launched the number 1 Australian business TV streaming network, 10m+ streams a month

• Scale efficiencies building as shown by approx 3x increase in total revenue to $18.4m, leading to approx 5x increase in profit before tax of $8.2m, demonstrating operational and business model advantages

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Scaling and delivering a global strategy to build a disruptive financial news platform serving active investors, uniquely positioned to win in a $4bn digital consulting, wealth and luxury opportunity.


Jag Sanger, Managing Director of The Market Herald commented:


“Our AGM presentations of November 2019 and November 2020 laid out our strategy of building a leading digital first global business and finance news publisher serving influential and affluent investors. Our half year results show that we are beginning to deliver on the platform we have built and gives us a roadmap for the future as we expand our offer and markets served.


The first is Winner Takes All: Be the digital leader in each of our offers: A key feature of successful digital companies, especially media, is many markets tend to be “winner takes all”. The dominant digital player takes a disproportionately large percentage of market revenues, leading to higher margins, and a leadership position that is hard to challenge. This virtuous circle can be seen in many digital media markets, for example Google dominates search, and Facebook dominates social media. Closer to home, for example, Real Estate Australia (ASX:REA) and Carsales (ASX:CAR) dominate their classifieds markets, leading to market capitalisations of approximately $20bn and $5bn respectively. Currently we are the dominant digital leader for retail investor engagement in Australia and Canada, serving over 2.5m affluent investors with 100m page impressions a month.


The second is Think and Do: A culture of constant innovation and delivery: Over the past 6 months we have built on our leadership position by successfully launching new offers that will drive future growth. An example of this would be the launch of our Streaming Business and Finance Television news network in Australia. This is now the largest streaming finance television network in Australia compared to our peers by audience and view streams. Another example would be the successful launch of our North American ventures consultancy. This combines media, ventures and strategic advice. Our ability to think and do is driven by culture – and where we have a compelling advantage over traditional media businesses with legacy cost and organisational structures.


The third is Build and Buy: A disciplined organic and non-organic growth strategy: Over the past 6 months we have completed the integration of our first international acquisition. We have built capabilities to review and execute on the many opportunities that are emerging globally in business and finance media. We will continue to build on this and will announce a revised strategy and organisation structure in the coming months."


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The Market Herald Response to The Facebook News Announcement and likely positive impact on audience, revenues and market share

  • - Facebook Australia has restricted Australian news publishers from posting or sharing news content on its platforms in response to proposed Australian legislation
  • - Australian legacy publishers receive 5bn free visits a year from Facebook, an estimated $0.4bn pa in value and up to 55% of some publisher visits are from Facebook
  • - The Market Herald and its Australian platforms receive over 0.5bn visits a year from its own platforms – and unlike its peers does not rely on Facebook for traffic or ratings
  • - Legacy publishers will be severely impacted by this decision, however The Market Herald will not, and its first party audience strategy could lead to increased audience and revenue.

The Market Herald Limited (ASX:TMH “The Market Herald”) is pleased to provide an update on the Facebook Australia restrictions on Australian news publishers announced today and the potential positive impact it will have on The Market Herald, its audience, market share and revenues.

Media is being disrupted by social platforms, legacy publishers are at risk, new digital models will win

The announcement made today by Facebook Australia of their decision to restrict news from being published on their platform is likely to have a significant effect on media in Australia. Media is increasingly being transformed by digital, with no part of media impacted as much as news. 

Part of the digital change effecting news is the presence of online and social platforms such as Facebook which provide news, targeting users and generating revenue from that digital audience.

The recent ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry (the Inquiry) has looked into the actions of social platforms and their relationship with traditional publishers of news, and found that legacy  publishers rely heavily on platforms such as Facebook to drive their digital audience. 

Submissions by publishers to the Inquiry suggest some publishers estimate that up to 55%1 of their traffic is derived from Facebook. Facebook in its recent regulatory submissions to the Inquiry claims to send over 5bn visits a year for free to legacy publishers worth over $400m in value to publishers who rely on Facebook for traffic2.

The Market Herald does not rely on Facebook for audience and unlike many of its legacy peers will be a net beneficiary from the Facebook ban

The Market Herald has always pursued a first party audience strategy, meaning it receives virtually no traffic from Facebook.

This means unlike its legacy peers The Market Herald is not impacted by the proposed Facebook ban, and is likely to be a net beneficiary from the lobbying of its peers for three reasons:

  • First, no reduction of audience: By relying on its own platforms to generate news, The Market Herald will not see a reduction in audience and reach. Traditional media receive significant audience visits from Facebook. The Market Herald and others that have built digital first models will maintain their audiences and are likely to increase their share of available digital revenues.

  • Second, de-platformed strategy in place: The Market Herald has built technology and workflows in anticipation of a de-platformed media world. Traditional media who have relied on Facebook for traffic will need to invest to re-build these lost audiences, and this will need hard to find people, un-budgeted investment and complex technology roll out.

  • Third, opportunity for new social classified products: The Market Herald is developing new revenue models and offers for the next generation of social platform business and finance audiences. Our relationship with the social platforms is different to the adversarial relationship of legacy peers, and we will be announcing the first social classified offer in the coming months.

Jag Sanger, Managing Director of The Market Herald commented: 

“The decision taken by Facebook Australia to restrict legacy news publishers from distributing on their platform is likely to have a profound effect on the Australian media landscape including significantly impacting revenue generation under traditional media models. The Market Herald has anticipated the impending change to advertising through de-platforming and has always pursued a first party audience strategy. We believe this validates our strategy of journalism led audience building, and not relying on the global social platforms for distribution.”

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Successful pilot launch of North American Strategic Ventures Consultancy 

• Successful pilot launch of Advisir Ventures in North America, a data led consultancy that combines digital media, corporate venturing, and strategic communications advice

• 46 strategic investments made across North America, focused on listed high growth businesses, receiving cash fees for services and equity for future growth

• $71m market cap average portfolio company, $73k average strategic investment, $85k average services revenue, 70% average share price increase during pilot period, $3.9m annualised revenues contracted during pilot period excluding any capital growth

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The Market Herald Limited (ASX:TMH “The Market Herald”) is pleased to provide an update on the pilot launch of its strategic consulting offer in North America through its wholly owned subsidiary Advisir Ventures (“Advisir Ventures Canada”). Advisir has been an integral part of The Market Herald business model and with its success in Australia, is now being rolled out in the North American market to complement our expansion into North America.

Advisir is a strategic consultancy that works with listed businesses and wealth brands to help communicate their story to retail investors and affluent consumers. Advisir is data analytics led and has a unique and differentiating advantage through developing insights from the world’s largest proprietary database of retail investor intent. This database is wholly owned, first party, anonymised, and is made up of hundreds of millions of structured and unstructured datapoints tracking the behaviours of millions of investors across thousands of listed businesses. Advisir is an example of the extension into consulting that other large global business newspapers are making. A peer would be Longitude, a strategic consultancy acquired by The Financial Times Group.

Advisir Ventures is a corporate venturing portfolio that invests primarily in listed and pre-IPO businesses. Advisir Ventures has a unique and differentiating advantage through its use of data and analytics to identify high growth listed and pre-IPO businesses raising capital that are highly likely to benefit from the consulting approach of Advisir, and the creative, production and distribution capabilities of the broader Market Herald group. This significantly reduces the costs of active portfolio management and greatly increases the universe of potential investments. Advisir Ventures is an example of the extension into direct media for equity investment that other large global business newspapers are making. A peer would be Scale Up Media Fund, an equity portfolio owned by Newscorp Ltd.**

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ASX Announcement: 11th February 2021

Successful pilot launch of Australian Business Television Streaming Network

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The Market Herald Limited (ASX:TMH “The Market Herald”) is pleased to provide an update on the pilot launch of its streaming business television network and the launch of Scheduler, a proprietary cloud based digital workflow platform.

·Successful pilot launch of the largest Australian streaming business television network targeting the $1.5bn Australian online video advertising market.

·Production launch of “Scheduler” a proprietary cloud based multi-platform streaming playout platform targeting the $1bn global playout workflow market.

·Signed annualised cross-platform (video, display, direct) contracts with annualised value of $1.1m for launch advertisers of which $290k received during the pilot.

The Market Herald Business Television Network is an Over-The-Top (“OTT”) streaming network that serves an audience of investors and affluent consumers. The current show line up includes:

The Market Herald Price Sensitive: A 3 minute anchored breaking news bulletin broadcasting hourly during the trading day. The Price Sensitive show is fast becoming one of the most streamed Australian business bulletins with some bulletins gaining over 500k streams.

The Market Herald DealRoom: A 15 minute daily hosted analysis show that features senior management of listed businesses raising capital. The DealRoom show will become an integral part of the DealRoom capital raising platform as announced on 22nd January 2021.

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ASX Announcement: 21st January 2021

Successful pilot launch of DealRoom, a North American disruptive capital raising fintech platform.

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The Market Herald Limited (ASX:TMH “The Market Herald”) is pleased to provide an update on the launch of its disruptive digital capital raising fintech platform, DealRoom, that directly connects retail investors with placements and pre-IPO placements conducted by listed and private companies seeking to go public.

DealRoom North American pilot results The first beta trial of North American platform functionality launched in the second quarter of calendar 2020, with the majority of production platform clients boarded from the third quarter of calendar 2020. The overall North American pilot results to December 31 2020 are:

• 21 DealRoom pilot companies with combined capitalisation of $AUD223m 

• 4 North American exchanges served by DealRoom: TSX, TSXV, CSE, US OTC 

• $AUD46m target capital raising in aggregate ($2.1m average raising) 

• 6,612 investors reviewed the offers on DealRoom 

• 917 created investor profiles on DealRoom (14% review to profile conversion)

• 144 investors completed subscription agreements (16% profile to sign conversion) 

• $AUD2,402,055 committed by investors (5% of total raising ) • $AUD1,397,736 amount subscribed (58% of commitments) 

• $AUD330,000 fees received by DealRoom during pilot period (14% of commitments) 

DealRoom is a fintech platform that digitally disrupts the $600m revenue opportunity from Australian, UK and North American secondary market and preIPO capital raising fees

Click here to read the full announcement


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Alec Pismiris Non-Executive Chairman
 Alec has over 30 years’ experience in the securities, finance and mining industries, having served as a director and company secretary of various ASX listed companies as well as many unlisted public and private companies. Mr Pismiris holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Western Australia, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is an associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.


Colin Chenu Non-Executive Director
 Colin has 30 years’ experience in private legal practice, during which he has advised and represented clients on a diverse range of legal areas in both litigious and non-litigious work, including corporations, trade practices, contracts, equity and trusts. He has extensive experience in defamation law and reputational torts and was recommended in Doyles’ List of Leading Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyers in 2016. Colin is currently a director and part owner of prominent Perth-based corporate and commercial law practice, Bennett + Co.


Gavin ArgyleNon-Executive Director
 Gavin is an experienced senior executive, with over 30 years’ experience in Australian capital markets. In 2006 he co-founded Capital Investment Partners, a Perth-based investment bank providing capital raising and corporate advisory services to small and mid-capitalised ASX-listed companies. He has been Managing Director of Capital Investment Partners since 2008. Gavin holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia and a Masters of Business Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jag Sanger Managing Director

Jag brings a fantastic level of technology, media and marketing strategy industry leadership experience to HotCopper. His credentials include senior leadership positions at AHG, Fairfax, McKinsey and PWC. Prior to joining HotCopper Jag worked as Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Automotive Holdings Group Limited (“AHG”), a diversified automotive retailing, financial services and logistics group with over $6bn in sales and over 7,000 employees. Mr Sanger also acted as a director or alternate director of AHG digital media investments including Carsguide, an auto industry publishing joint venture with NewsCorp, and Matchacar, a digital auto publisher and fintech platform. Mr Sanger holds a Marketing Masters (MA) from Kingston University Business School in London, UK,  with a research focus on online media tracking, and is a Fellow of the Sulzberger news media program at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York, USA 

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