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Roto-Gro International Limited (RGI) manufactures and sells hydroponically-based rotational growing systems. The Company offers training of operation and maintenance of the equipment and technical support. Roto-Gro International serves customers in Australia.
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GFS Secures Fertigation Purchase Order from Frozen Penguin 

ASX Announcement 18 February 2019

  • Global Fertigation Solutions, Inc.secures purchase order for fertigation system from Frozen Penguin Medical Industries Inc. 
  • Frozen Penguin is currently building the first 2,000 sq. ft. phase of proposed 40,000 sq. ft. cultivation and processing facility 
  • Phase One fertigation system designed specifically to support forty-eight (48) RotoGro Hydroponic Garden Systems, occupying 2,000 sq. ft. of growing area 
  • Global Fertigation Solutions, Inc. provides automated, precise real-time batching and dosing of bespoke nutrient recipes in a closed-loop system 
  • RotoGro is currently finalising the grow room design for Frozen Penguin’s first phase of its cultivation and processing facility

Global Fertigation Solutions, Inc. (“GFS”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roto-Gro International Limited (“ASX:RGI”, “RotoGro” or the “Company”), has secured a purchase order (the “Purchase Order” or “Order”) from Frozen Penguin Medical Industries Inc. (“Frozen Penguin”) for approximately CAD$130,000.

About Frozen Penguin 

Frozen Penguin is currently completing the first phase of its proposed 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-theart cultivation and processing facility located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada (the “Facility”). Phase One of the Facility is comprised of approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of grow rooms which RotoGro expects will be outfitted with RotoGro Hydroponic Garden Systems (installed in arrays of four units, two high) including RotoGro’s propriety iGrow® software grow management system. The construction of Phase One of the Facility facilitates the completion of the final stages of Frozen Penguin’s application to Health Canada for a license to cultivate lawful cannabis (the “License”). Once the License is issued by Health Canada, Frozen Penguin will complete the construction of the remaining 38,000 sq. ft. of the Facility.

Global Fertigation Solutions, Inc. 

GFS provides automated, precise, real-time batching and dosing of bespoke nutrient recipes on a closed-loop basis for delivery to crops in all agricultural applications throughout their lifecycle (“Fertigation System”). The Fertigation System removes salts, heavy minerals and contaminants from municipal water, supplying an equalised and homogeneous base to which client-specific nutrient recipes are added. The Fertigation System is programmed to batch nutrient blends depending on the stage of the crop’s lifecycle and its feeding requirements. Batch blending is undertaken during the “lights-off” phase of the crop’s lifecycle. The nutrient blend is then sent to standby reservoirs in each of the grow rooms to ensure that all crops may be fed in the first hour of the “lights-on” cycle. Nutrients returned to the standby reservoirs after feeding are delivered to the batch tank for analysis and top-up of additional water and nutrients to meet the next feed cycle requirements before returning to the standby reservoirs. The Fertigation System is fully automated and works on a closed-loop basis (namely, recovery, recycle and recirculate). GFS’s proprietary software has been developed to facilitate remote access, operation and troubleshooting of the Fertigation System.

Frozen Penguin Phase One 

The Fertigation System which has been designed for Phase One of the Facility providesfor custom water treatment and storage of 2,000 US Gallons of ready-to-use water, with standby reservoirs in each of the three proposed grow rooms, housing sixteen RotoGro Hydroponic Garden Systems (installed in arrays of four units, two high) in each grow room. The Fertigation System includes GFS’s propriety software and a recovery- recycle-recirculate unit consisting of twelve nutrient pumps, covering five zones across three grow rooms and a vegetation room. GFS has received a 50% deposit for the Order.

Frozen Penguin Master Grower and Co-Founder, Anthony Charles states, “We are very excited to add the GFS Fertigation System to the phase one buildout of our facility. We have been testing RotoGro Hydroponic Garden Systems for the past 12 months - we are extremely impressed with the consistent product quality, increased yields and lower operating costs it provides. Committing to the GFS Fertigation System in conjunction with the RotoGro systems was a simple decision that translates into further efficiency, environmental controls and operational savings. We look forward to ordering our RotoGro systems in the near future as we move closer to completing Phase One of our facility.”

RotoGro Managing Director, Michael Carli states, “Frozen Penguin’s order of a fertigation system from our wholly owned subsidiary Global Fertigation Solutions, Inc. is testament to the strength of our patented and proprietary technologies. This order is expected to be the precursor to an order for our RotoGro Rotational Hydronic Garden Systems by Frozen Penguin. I congratulate our sales and technical teams for securing this order and we look forward to working with Frozen Penguin to develop a design solution for the proposed expanded phase of its facility.”

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RotoGro Completes State-of-the-Art Laboratory 

ASX Announcement 11 February 2019 

Roto-Gro World Wide (Canada) Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roto-Gro International Limited (“ASX:RGI”, “RotoGro” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce the completion of its stateof-the-art laboratory located at the Company’s Research and Development Facility in Caledon, Ontario, Canada (“RotoGro Laboratory”). 

Figure 1: RotoGro Laboratory 

The RotoGro Laboratory has been completed in consultation with VWR International, a global laboratory supplier leading the market in the design and construction of laboratories for the lawful cannabis and agricultural services industries. The RotoGro Laboratory facilitates a full spectrum of analytical testing including the following: elemental, tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC), cannabinoid (CBD), nutrient uptake, acidity and alkalinity. In addition to such analytical testing, the RotoGro Laboratory has been set up for micropropagation (the cultivation of plantlets in tissue culture for planting out as clones). The Company employs two qualified plant scientists / botanists who are managing all aspects of the Company’s research and development across lawful cannabis, perishable food (produce) and the laboratory analytical testing.

Figure 2: HPLC (High Precision Liquid Chromatograph) 

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Miracle Valley First Delivery & Installation 

ASX Announcement 5 February 2019 

Roto-Gro World Wide (Canada) Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roto-Gro International Limited (“ASX:RGI”, “RotoGro” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce that it has completed the initial delivery and installation of twenty-four RotoGro Rotational Hydroponic Garden Systems (the “RotoGro Systems“) for Miracle Valley Medical Alternatives M.V.M.A. Ltd. (“Miracle Valley”).

Miracle Valley is currently building a 29,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in British Columbia, Canada for the cultivation and processing of lawful cannabis (the “Facility”). Phase One of the Facility has been designed to accommodate nine grow rooms, comprising approximately 10,000 sq. ft., which will be outfitted with RotoGro Systems (which are stacked two units high in arrays of four), complete with the RotoGro’s propriety iGrow® grow management system software.

This initial delivery of the RotoGro Systems is the culmination of twelve months of the Company’s collaboration with Miracle Valley which included front-end technical support, building selection, electrical and mechanical design, consultations with municipal government, installation specifications, and building layout optimisation.

The RotoGro team have spent the last week at the Facility completing assembly, installation, testing, certification and training. With the successful completion of the first grow room, RotoGro will make subsequent deliveries on a room-by-room basis through the first half of 2019 as Miracle Valley advances its Health Canada license through Cultivation to a License to Sell.

Figure 1: RotoGro Rotational Hydroponic Garden Systems packed for shipping 

The President of Miracle Valley, Derek Boyd states, “We have been using the RotoGro system for more than a year while designing and building our state-of-the-art facility. Our collaboration with RotoGro has significantly streamlined our work flows and operational costs. We are confident that the cutting-edge and patented design of the Roto-Gro Rotational Hydroponic Garden System will provide us with the lowest cost per gram and the highest yield per square foot in the lawful cannabis industry. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with RotoGro to further expand our facility utilizing RotoGro Systems and adding a RotoGro fertigation solution as we move from standalone reservoirs to a fully automated and integrated growing operation.”

Figure 2: RotoGro Rotational Hydroponic Garden Systems installed and commissioned 

RotoGro Managing Director, Michael Carli states, “The initial delivery of twenty-four RotoGro Systems to Miracle Valley is a significant milestone in the Company’s trajectory to solidifying significant shareholder returns. The Miracle Valley purchase order represents $2.3M of value to the Company, with further negotiationsregarding the expansion of the Miracle Valley facility and the installation of a fertigation system supplied by our wholly-owned subsidiary, Global Fertigation Solutions, Inc.. The success of the Miracle Valley order is driven by the early engagement of RotoGro working ‘hand in glove’ with our clients to ensure they receive the best support from concept to design, and then from build-out to production. Our RotoGro team continues to work diligently with RotoGro’s prospective clients across the lawful cannabis space and the perishable foods space to nurture our sales pipeline for future orders.”

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Roto-Gro Systems

All of Our Roto-Gro Models Are Designed for Bigger Yields.

No matter which model you choose, all of our systems are designed from the ground up with one key thing in mind: bigger yields.

Bigger yields mean more profits for your business. When using Roto-Gro systems over traditional growing systems not only will your yields be bigger, you will save in space and electricity.

Both 420-R and 420-IT Are Equipped with the following features:
  • 4 – 600 watt hps lamps and ballasts
  • 420 plant capacity
  • Pump and reservoir
  • 240v – 48”w / 96”d / 64”h to 172”h
  • Model 420 is stackable x 3 (172”h)
  • Self Contained
  • Quick Assembly
  • Durable Construction

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Corporate Directory


Michael Carli

Mr. Carli has been a partner with the law firm Rigobon Carli (which he co-founded) since 1989. He has significant expertise in corporate governance, commercial finance and intellectual property. Mr. Carli graduated from the University of Western Ontario Law School with his Juris Doctor degree in 1987. He is a member of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada and a member of the American Bar Association (Intellectual Property Section).


Steve Brockhurst

Mr Brockhurst has fifteen years of experience in the finance and corporate advisory industry and has been responsible for the preparation of the due diligence process and prospectuses on a number of initial public offers. His experience includes corporate and capital structuring, corporate advisory and company secretarial services, capital raising, ASX and ASIC compliance requirements.

Mr Brockhurst has served on various boards and has acted as a company secretary for numerous ASX listed and unlisted companies.


David Palumbo

Mr Palumbo has ten years of experience in accounting and financial reporting of ASX listed and unlisted companies, which includes five years as an external auditor. Mr Palumbo provides corporate advisory and financial management advice and specialises in corporate compliance, statutory reporting and financial accounting services.

He has also been involved in the listing of several junior exploration companies on the ASX.


Michael Slater

The former President and major shareholder of a specialised manufacturing firm in Canada, Michael brings over 50 years of international manufacturing experience to Roto-Gro. Michael has untaken projects in Europe, the former Eastern Europe, Japan, China, Australasia, and North America.

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