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Corporate Spotlight

We enhance your 3D entertainment viewing with our EyeFly3D™ product without the need for 3D glasses. EyeFly3D™ is a nano-imprinted screen protector for mobile devices that allow users to view 3D images, videos, and games on the go.
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OnMarket | Nanoveu Limited IPO | ASX: NVU


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Nanoveu Achieves Key EyeFyx Lens Development Milestone

ASX Announcement 7 November 2019 


  • Thin film EyeFyx optical correcting lens fabricated containing nano scale structures capable of bending light emitted from a digital display. 
  • The light emitted through the thin film screen is suitable for software manipulation to correct vision without the user wearing glasses. 
  • Lens development is progressing in line with project timeline. 
  • Nanoveu is now refining the vision correcting software. 
  • Scientists have successfully migrated Nanoveu’s proprietary 3D software solution into the EyeFyx project. 
  • The focus is now on adapting Nanoveu’s proprietary 3D software to be suitable for vision correction.

Nanoveu Limited (“Nanoveu”) has fabricated a thin film optical correcting lens containing nano precision structures capable of fashioning light emitted from a digital display. The light transversed through the film can be manipulated via software to correct vision without the user wearing glasses. Fabrication of this lens completes a key milestone in the hardware development of the EyeFyx project.

About EyeFyx: 

EyeFyx aims to enable people to read smartphones and tablets without using their reading glasses by using a proprietary thin film to bend light emitted from a digital display which has been manipulated using software to match a person’s reading glasses prescription. 

Nanoveu has developed a technique to adjust images and text displayed on digital screens in a way that people with farsightedness can clearly view mobile content without the need for reading glasses. The technique uses embedded software in combination with a thin-film lens produced with nanoimprinting lithography (NIL) for screen protectors, that renders clear, in-focus images onto the retina of a person with blurred vision.

Development program: 

A working prototype lens was developed in 2018 after the EyeFyx technology achieved proof of concept, demonstrating that nanoimprint technology can be used to produce a thin film which, when applied to a digital screen, enables people with farsightedness (presbyopia) to read or view digital displays without their glasses. 

Nanoveu continues to progress critical research and development (R&D) activities en route to commercialising its EyeFyx technology, with a series of lens performance trials that began in mid-August 2019, and has now fabricated its third generation series of lenses.

In partnership with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, testing has now commenced using multiple thin films imprinted with different nanolens structures. The goal of these tests is to fine-tune the parameters of the lens structure and software combination. 

The first set of lenses arrived at the lab for testing in mid-August. This started a multi-trial process of refining the nano-optics of the thin film – a procedure that is expected to last several months. The researchers have subsequently fine-tuned the hardware design and complex software algorithms that underpin the technology

The third batch of lenses was received in October 2019. Initial evaluation of these lenses validates the team’s intial proof of concept hyphothesis, and that its propritetary algorithms are able to match any high performance lenses. The EyeFyx solution and images have surpassed all previous demonstrations to date.

The team has also been able to migrate its proprietary techniques developed from Nanoveu’s 3D technology into this project. This alievates the requirement to develop specific lenses for each digital display and greatly streamlines the manufacturing process. Provided all lab tests are completed on schedule, Nanoveu anticipates end-user trials may begin as soon as mid2020.

The low cost and flexibility of the NIL manufacturing process means that Nanoveu could rapidly adapt its product lines as new phone and tablet models come to market

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Nanoveu Expands EyeFly3DTM to Android Smartphones 

ASX Announcement 20 August 2019 


  • Flagship product EyeFly3D™ for the first time compatible with Android smartphones 
  • New product line available for use on Google Pixel 3, 3 XL, 3a, and 3a XL 
  • EyeFly3D™ Android apps approved and available on Google Play store

Nanoveu Limited (“Nanoveu”) is pleased to announce that it is deepening its foray into global smartphone markets by offering its flagship product EyeFly3D™ for the first time in a version compatible with Android phones.

The new product line, which is currently available for purchase on the EyeFly3D™ website and soon to be in stock at Amazon in the U.S., will initially be available for use on a range of Google smartphones (Google Pixel 3, 3 XL, 3a and 3a XL). Depending on market demand, Nanoveu plans to develop additional screen protector variants for other types of phones and tablets.

Nanoveu’s new EyeFly3D™ screen protectors for Google Pixel phones will be sold on all existing distribution channels. These channels include physical retail stores, online sales platforms and the company’s own website.

EyeFly3D™ software launched on Google Play 

The groundbreaking 3D screen technology, which converts 2D digital displays into 3D without the need for 3D glasses, is powered by proprietary software that can be downloaded onto smartphones. The new apps for Android, EyeFly3D Pix and EyeFly3D Vid, have been submitted to the Google Play store, approved, and are now available for download.

The move greatly increases Nanoveu’s ability to reach new customers and unlock opportunities in the mobile gaming market, which is dominated by Android phones and which Nanoveu is seeking to service. So far, Nanoveu’s award-winning 3D screen technology EyeFly3D™ had only been available for use on Apple iPhones. The addition of EyeFly3D™products for Android smart phones expands the addressable market for EyeFly3D™ products.

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Nanoveu Screen Protector Vending Machine Trial 

ASX Announcement 12 August 2019 


  • Factory trials for a vending machine which installs screen protectors on smartphones underway
  • Manufacturing partner working through final modifications and enhancements 
  • Vending machines install screen protectors with precision and minimize installation wastage 
  • First machines expected to be trialled in retail locations later this year 
  • Nanoveu in discussion with potential distribution partners to host units in established retail locations

Nanoveu Limited (“Nanoveu”) has completed the first stage of trialing a patented vending machine which installs screen protectors with precision and minimises installation wastage. Use of the machines provides an opportunity for Nanoveu to work with established retailers to distribute Nanoveu products. 

The vending machines are expected to be trialed by established retailers later this year, and are an important pillar in Nanoveu’s multi-channel sales and marketing strategy

Multi-channel sales and marketing strategy overview: 

Nanoveu is pursuing a multi-channel strategy to grow and diversify its revenue from the sale of screen protectors: 

  1. Direct to Consumer (B2C) – via online platforms, such as Amazon, and Nanoveu’s own website (established). 
  2. Retail Networks – (B2B2C) direct sales via existing electronics and telecommunications retailers.

The vending machine is a component of Nanoveu’s B2B2C approach of providing additional products and services to companies with established distribution channels and retail footprints.

Vending machine development update: 

The first stage of testing was performed in factory trials including visits by prospective customers. Feedback is being used to refine the offering following which the first units will be deployed in retail locations for further testing and to commence customer sales and screen protector installations.

Screen protector vending machine rationale: 

Vending machines are designed to make it significantly faster and easier for smartphone users to install a screen protector on their mobile devices. Factory tests show that the vending machine can equip smartphones with a screen protector – typically made of tempered glass – in just over a minute and with an alignment accuracy of 150 microns.

This offers a strong business advantage to existing sellers of mobile phone accessories. Currently, retail staff spend up to five minutes or longer to properly install a screen protector by hand – a challenging and often frustrating process that can result in product waste. 

Additionally, when dust or excess air bubbles become trapped between the phone display and the protective layer during installation, staff tend to discard the entire screen protector and start from scratch using a fresh one. Nanoveu’s new vending machines are well placed to solve this problem.

Once fully operational, the vending machines will be able to apply various types of screen protectors, including Nanoveu’s own flagship product EyeFly3DTM, to a range of smartphone models and brands.

Enhances distribution opportunity: 

Nanoveu is currently in discussions with a number of potential partners for the deployment of screen protector vending machines in retail shops in a number of countries. 

Market intelligence indicates that a typical telecommunications retailer could sell more than 300 screen protectors via vending machines per month per store. Large retail networks are comprised of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of stores. Each location could host a screen protector vending machine providing an accurate and precise installation and freeing sales staff time.

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Transform your mobile device into a portable 3D screen

Enjoy immersive and exhilarating 3D videos and images on your phone. The EyeFly3D™ screen protector is embedded in microscopic lenses less than one-thousandth of a millimetre in size. Utilising an ultra-thin screen protector with high optical transparency, there is little to no impact in the 2D viewing.

Experience incredible 3D without the need for 3D glasses.


Wondering how EyeFly3D™ works? Using Nano-technology, thousands of nano lenses render any stereoscopic content – right in the palm of your hand. These nano lenses send a slightly different image to your left and right eye, to render your favourite content in eye-popping 3D.

Dedicated 3D Apps

Our dedicated EyeFly3D Pix, EyeFly3D Pix Pro, EyeFly3D Vid and EyeFly3D Vid Pro apps perfectly render 3D content for viewing on your device. TheEyeFly3D Pix and EyeFly3D Vid apps are free. The EyeFly3D Pix Pro and EyeFly3D Vid Pro apps can be purchased for a small fee of USD 0.99 each, these apps give you UNLIMITED 3D photo conversion and saves and UNLIMITED 3D video streaming. Download the Apps from the App Store and get started on exploring epic 3D images and videos.

EyeFly3D Pix Pro
EyeFly3D Vid Pro
EyeFly3D Pix
EyeFly3D Vid


With just a click of a button, transform your original 2D content from your camera roll into 3D or have some fun turning your favourite 2D YouTube or viral videos into 3D.


EyeFly3D takes full advantage of the explosion in available 3D entertainment, with in-app access to over tens of thousands of  YouTube videos.


Just like any other screen protector, EyeFly3D™ will protect your smart device screen against keys, coins and all things that might scratch it.

True glasses-free 3D – Throw away those bulky 3D glasses.

Powered by nanotechnology – The latest imprinting technology brings you the best immersive 3D viewing.

Screen protection – Protect your precious device.



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We enhance your 3D entertainment viewing with our EyeFly3D™ product without the need for 3D glasses. EyeFly3D™ is a nano-imprinted screen protector for mobile devices that allow users to view 3D images, videos, and games on the go. The EyeFly3D™ screen protector is used in conjunction with its app that enables users to easily convert their 2D images and videos into 3D. The EyeFly3D Pix app provides users with a “one click 3D photo taking” feature for instant 3D photo images. In addition, users can use the “fun icon” feature, turning users’ photos into customised fun images and all 3D photos can be shared using users’ mobile phone via Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Messenger and email. The EyeFly3D Vid app enables users to view pre-loaded 3D videos. Dropbox has been integrated into the EyeFly3D Vid app, allowing users to stream their Cloud stored videos in 3D.


The management team members perfectly complement each. Headed by Nanoveu’s CEO, Alfred Chong, Nanoveu and its strong stakeholder collaboration, has cumulatively decades of experience in 3D imaging experience, nano-optical domain knowledge and have contributed to more than a dozen patent applications. With its necessary international experience and long-standing in-depth market expertise for the world-wide 3D market, the team in Nanoveu and its collaborators, have successfully manufactured and marketed a range of EyeFly3D products.






EyeFly3D is the world’s first award winning glasses- free 3D screen protector that delivers distortion free 2D/3D videos and photos on your device. We know how much 3D content is available but we wanted to take things a step further and let you be in control of your 3D experience. Our new app allows you to easily turn your 2D videos into 3D. This is our game changer. This is what our community has been waiting for. Our team of Singapore based scientists and researchers have taken the most complex information and simplified it to a simple film screen protector and app. That’s all it takes to bring immersive 3D to your iPhone. This is a breakthrough in 3D technology. Get on board and start viewing your life in 3D.


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