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Corporate Spotlight

MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a medical and cosmetic cannabis company with global operations to supply the legalized markets with cannabis products. The current activities of company include development of non-psychoactive cannabidol (CBD) cosmetic products.
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MGC Pharmaceuticals at CannaTech UK


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Agreement signed to market and distribute MGC Nutraceuticals CBD based products into Chinese health products market

ASX Announcement 17 April 2019 

  • Marketing and Distribution agreement signed with Chinese e-commerce import platform YuShop Global (YuShop), to sell the Company’s CBD and hemp-enhanced Nutraceuticals product range in China 
  • MGC Pharma’s nutraceutical product line includes CBD Hemp Protein Powder, BCAA CBD capsules, CBD Water Soluble Solution and CBD Herbal V-Pen 
  • Products contain high-grade phytocannabinoids which have been grown, extracted and processed under MGC Pharma’s strict quality control guidelines and standards and formulated alongside natural vegan proteins and vitamins 
  • Targeting Chinese consumers via YuShop’s online platform and network of 1,500 retail channel partners, including a luxury spa chain 
  • YuShop to provide a complete “turn-key” solution to MGC Pharma, being responsible for all sales, marketing, logistics and customer service within China 
  • Eight-week market test campaign already underway, with a fullscale marketing and sales campaign scheduled to be launched in June 2019 
  • Large Target Market – providing a platform to enter the existing market over 350 million middle-class Chinese vitamin and supplements consumers, who are expected to purchase over US$20 billion of Vitamins and Supplements in 20201 
  • MGC Nutraceuticals recently launched its new e-commerce website https://www.mgcnutraceuticals.com/ 

MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: MXC) (OTC: MGCLF) (“MGC Pharma” or “the Company”) has signed a marketing, sales and distribution agreement to provide its CBD and hemp-enhanced Nutraceutical product line into the Chinese health products market through a tailored campaign designed with Chinese specialist e-commerce retailer YuShop Global (“YuShop”).

YuShop, which is the trading name for the US registered company NYC 6 Sixty Madison LLC, will provide MGC Pharma with its first marketing and distribution campaign into the fast-growing Chinese health product market. YuShop specializes in the import and commercialization of innovative health and wellness consumables and provides its merchant partners a turn-key solution for marketing, importing, and selling their products directly to the middle-class and affluent Chinese consumer through their cross-border digital commerce platform.

MGC Nutraceuticals 

Emerging from the Company’s pharmaceutical grade product development pipeline, MGC Nutraceuticals was created to capture the non-pharmaceutical product lines developed over the past 18 months. Promoting inner health and wellbeing, MGC Nutraceuticals’ product range includes multiple premium products, comprising of supplements and food grade products with natural flavors such as Vanilla, Toffee and Coconut Milk. The products are rich in plant-based proteins, high-quality Hemp CBD and a wide spectrum of vital vitamins and minerals to fuel and recharge your body’s systems, with essential branched-chain amino acids to build your body’s vital proteins.

Terms of the Marketing, Sales and Distribution Services Agreement 

Under the terms of the agreement, YuShop will sell MGC Pharma’s Nutraceutical products including CBD Hemp protein powder, BCAA CBD capsules, CBD Water Soluble Solution and CBD herbal V-Pen to consumers via its ecommerce platform and retail channel partners. This is a Business to Customer (B2C) services agreement, YuShop is responsible for collecting and transferring sales proceeds to MGC Pharma immediately post completion of transactions. There are no specified minimum contract amounts or volumes under this agreement.

The range of premium CBD and hemp-enhanced products are designed to promote physical balance and wellbeing. They contain high-grade phytocannabinoids which have been grown, extracted and processed under MGC Pharma’s strict quality control guidelines and standards and formulated alongside natural vegan proteins and vitamins.

YuShop, will provide MGC Pharma access to over 1,500 retail channel partner outlets as well as online, app-based, storefronts that will make the Nutraceutical product line available to the market of over 350 million middle-class Chinese vitamin and supplements consumers. This Chinese consumer market is forecast to purchase over US$20 billion of Vitamins and Supplements in 20202, with foreign products being in high demand because of the perceived superior quality and reduced counterfeit products often associated with domestic brands.

Image: MGC Nutraceuticals Products 

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MXC Receives CannEpilTM Import Permit for United Kingdom, Purchase Orders received in both UK and Australia 

ASX Announcement 12 April 2019 

  • United Kingdom Controlled Drug Import Licence received for the importation of CannEpilTM into the UK via MXC’s distribution partner, Lenis 
  • MXC confirms it has received formal purchase orders for CannEpilTM in Australia and the United Kingdom through licensed distribution partners 
  • Delivery of first products to fulfil these initial purchase orders scheduled for April 
  • MXC are in advanced negotiations with Australian and UK licensed distribution partners, with formal binding distribution agreements expected to be signed in the next few weeks 
  • Upon execution, these new distribution agreements will significantly expand distribution for CannEpilTM and additional MXC Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) including CogniCannTM in the United Kingdom and Australia

MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: MXC, “MGC Pharma” or “the Company”) is pleased to advise it has received a United Kingdom Controlled Drug Import Licence permit (Permit) for the importation of CannEpilTM into the United Kingdom. In addition, the Company has also received its first formal purchase orders for CannEpilTM through licensed distribution partners in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Receipt of the Permit provides the opportunity to immediately expand the Company’s distribution of CannEpilTM into the United Kingdom medicinal cannabis products market, which will be managed in the region by MXC’s distribution partner, Lenis. 

The Company was also pleased to confirm it has received its first formal purchase orders for CannEpilTM in both Australia and the UK, through licensed distribution partners. The delivery of products to fulfil these initial purchase orders are planned for April, with new orders from these licensed distribution partners anticipated as new distribution channels are established in the coming months.

MXC is actively finalising negotiations with licensed distributors in Australia and the UK, and expects to sign formal binding agreements within the coming weeks. The agreements, once signed, will significantly expand distribution of CannEpilTM, CogniCannTM and the Company’s other IMPs in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Roby Zomer, Co-founder and Managing Director, MGC Pharmaceuticals commented: 

“We are delighted to have received this Permit from the United Kingdom Home Office Drugs Licencing and Compliance Unit, as it significantly expands the potential distribution of CannEpilTM into the UK. With first purchase orders from the UK and Australian licensed distribution partners already received, and new distribution deals expected to be signed in the coming weeks, our expanded distribution in Australia, Europe and the UK will mean we will be able to provide more patients in need with access to CannEpilTM and our other IMPs”.

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MXC’s 2019 Pharma Product Commercialisation Strategy 

Delivering Strong Pipeline of GMP Medicinal Cannabis Products

ASX Announcement 2 April 2019 

MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: MXC) (OTC: MGCLF) (“MGC Pharma” or “the Company”), a pure bio-pharma company focused on developing and commercialising a portfolio of cost-effective phytocannabinoid based medicines, is pleased to provide a positive update on its pharmaceutical operations and seed-to-pharmacy business plan.

  • Established commercialisation strategy of focusing exclusively on two core divisions, Seedto-Pharmacy Manufacturing and Research & Development, with the objective of becoming a leading supplier of cannabinoid based pharmaceutical products for medical markets in Europe, UK, and Australasia 
  • R&D division to deliver the production of cost-effective and affordable medicines in collaboration with leading internationally renowned research institutions and ensuring that MGC Pharma remains at the forefront of the sector 
  • Seed-to-pharmacy manufacturing focused on bringing affordable phytocannabinoid-based medicines to the global markets via cannabis cultivation, extraction, isolation and compounding through to a finished medicinal product 
  • Strong existing pipeline of phytocannabinoid based medicines targeting conditions such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, cancer and irritable bowel disease that all at present have no effective treatment. Products are poised for release into the European and Australian markets upon completion of testing and clinical trials, currently underway 
  • 2019 priority already commenced with patient recruitment into the CogniCannTM clinical trial and the progression and expansion of all RMIT projects following recent approval from the Office of Drug Control in Australia

Roby Zomer, Co-founder and Managing Director, MGC Pharmaceuticals commented 

“MGC Pharma has delivered a very productive first quarter with key operational milestones being achieved for the commercialisation of its bio-pharma business. The recent sale of MGC Derma to CannaGlobal has enabled us to position ourselves as a pure pharmaceutical company as we direct our research and focus into our two core divisions.

“Receiving the necessary approvalsfrom the Office of Drug Control in Australia to possess and handle phytocannabinoids for research purposes is integral to the work being undertaken by our R&D division as they continue the rapid development of treatments focusing on the neurological, oncological, dermatological and gastroenterological sectors.

“Having secured an EU licence to produce non-sterile schedule two medicines, which includes all cannabinoids and the consolidation of our European activities in Malta, we are in a strong position to grow and develop our Seed-to-Pharmacy manufacturing division and make excellent progress in 2019.”

Research and Development (R&D) Division 

The R&D division’s primary function is to ensure MGC Pharma remains at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation within the cannabis for medicinal use sector. The R&D division is spearheaded by a team of highly experienced medical practitioners working alongside scientific departments and genetics teams from world leading universities. Importantly, a number of ground-breaking achievements have already been made including the establishment of several pioneering research programs and the development of new proprietary genetic strain MXC-10, containing industry high levels of THC. 

Current research and development activities underway to create a pipeline of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products include; the development of CannaHub, in collaboration with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ); the CogniCannTM clinical trial taking place with the University of Notre Dame in Western Australia; the CannEpilTM clinical trial taking place with the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; the C4E education platform in collaboration with Epilepsy Action Australia and; MGC Pharma’s genetics development and registration activities with the University of Ljubljana’s biotechnical faculty in Slovenia.

The R&D division is currently focused on three sectors:

1. Neurological disorders 

Based on the experience of three of our leading doctors Prf. Uri Kramer, Prof David Neubauer and Dr. Jonathan Grunfeld, MGC Pharma established its first clinical arm with Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) CannEpil™ to treat Drug Resident Epilepsy (refectory epilepsy). It has subsequently developed a second product CogniCann™, to improve the quality of life in mild cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Further products will be produced as part of a continuous development to target additional neurological indications. 

2. Oncology and treatment side effects 

Under the guidance of the Group’s CSO Dr. Jonathan Grunfeld, and utilising his vast experience in treatment of cancer patients in Israel, and the support equipment and sciences of RMIT and HUJ, MGC Pharma’s second clinical arm has been established to focus on oncological treatments. Tetrinol™, is the first drug in development for use in the treatment of cancer side effects such as cachexia and acute nausea. Additionally, MGC Pharma is developing medicine for the treatment of Melanoma and Prostate cancer which are part of a pre-clinical research with CannaHub (RMIT and HUJ) and a brain cancer research project with the National Institute of Biology (NIB) Slovenia. 

3. Inflammatory and Autoimmune 

Utilising data collected over time with CannaHub, MGC Pharma’s third clinical arm aims to treat one of the most rapidly emerging problems in the western but also in the eastern side of the world, which is the chronic Inflammation and Inflammation of the immune system. The Company’s first Anti-Inflammatory products are InCann™, a BiActive microspheres capsule used to treat Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Crohn’s disease and colitis, and TopiCann™, an Anti-inflammatory topical cream to treat Eczema and inflamed skin.

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Description: CannaTech Conference attended by MGC Pharmaceuticals in London, October 2017.

 Description: Interview of Nitin Mantri, Senior Lecturer at RMIT University, as he discusses the first project of the collaboration between MGC Pharma and RMIT.

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